Farmerville, Louisiana

I popped in Walmart to grab 4 items after church Sunday night to get to checkout and 1 lane was open. The lady said she is closing!

I turn to find another, there are none open. I come back and the lady says to me "you will have to wait till they get off break." She checked out her 3 friends and would not check me out. After she yelled across the store for the asst manager to do something, then she just left. The Walmarts in small towns are terrible and never have good employees which I do not understand.

It is pure ghetto around here and I am tired of it. It is almost like rated R movie and someone needs to step in or the customers should be allowed to file suit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Management needs to be fired. poorly run stores.

she was giving her friends free merchandise did they leave the line with tvs' ipads, and headphones and it looked like she scan them. I bet they paid for a pack of gum. happens all the time at walmart.

A Walmart employee helped two friends walk off from the retailer without paying for a computer, clothing and hundreds of dollars worth of groceries, among other items, authorities said.

Walmart surveillance equipment recorded @@@@@ R@@e, 19, of Benzonia, shopping at the Garfield Township store with V>>>> and K>>>>>>s, both 18, on Jan.

29, local court records state.

The three friends filled two shopping carts with items before Rice started a shift on a cash register.

V@@@@@@t and K@@@ns walked through R@@@@ checkout line and paid for “very few” of the items in the carts, Grand Traverse County sheriff’s Lt. Bryan Marrow said.


How would you like your break constantly delayed! How about the self checkout lanes?


Oh grow up. The cashiers do have to punch out and take breaks on schedule.

Maybe you just picked a bad time to go there. That being said I think you are exaggerating the conditions.