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I purchased a lawnmower, in a box on April 17 in the evening. On April 18 I assembled the mower.

I started it and it ran for about a minute and quit. I tried it again - same thing happened. After trying several more times I decided the mower was defective. I called the Lawn & Garden department and was told to bring it in and they would replace it or give me my money back.

I took the mower in to the Lawn & Garden Department department and they said to take it to Customer Service. The representative said she could not take it back, I would need to see the manager and he would not be in until the following Monday. I went in Monday morning and was told by the manager that I could not return it and would have to take it to an authorized dealer which is thirty miles from where I live. I was not told when I purchased it of this policy (mfg policy that he referred to is inside the box).

I took it to the authorized dealer, the mower was defective (bad carburetor), and the part was back ordered. I was without a mower for over a month. Be sure to ask about return policies before purchasing any large item from Walmart and get it in writing.

I went to my local hardware store. The manager assembled it, started it, guaranteed it

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The solution is don't shop at Walmart, period.


We also have a murray mower, for the second time, after returning the other murray mower to walmart, this one worked for Only 4 cuts, we have an extremely small yard.....


Not really walmarts fault for the return policy, that's actually very common now. As for the hardware store that should have been the first choice, Walmart already putting enough old fashioned stores out of business


Walmart has a 30 day policy on lawnmowers. After that they are to be brought to an authorized repair shop. You must have your receipt for a refund.


Don't buy any of the mowers at Wally's under $150. They are all junk.

Last year, 75% of the cheapies sold came back, half with chunks missing out of the blocks.

In fact, buy a decnt low price mower at a hardware store.If gotta buy Wally cheapos, stay away from the Briggs engines. Ain't nothing but ***.