Greensburg, Pennsylvania
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Can I ever go to Walmart without a coming home again without something I needed! I happen to like Sam's club soda, most any flavor but cola in particular well, would you believe they were out of all cola!!

Sugar free, caffeine free, regular. I was really angry so I called the manager this time. I said "Last week no bottled water, this week you can't even keep your own brand of soda on the shelves! After checking in the back and not finding any he actually said "We have Pepsi and Coke cheaper than anyone else".

At which point I replied I guess you don't read competitor's ads because if I wanted Pepsi I could have driven 1/2 mile from my home and gotten it on sale for 99 cents for a 2 liter bottle!

Can't find a complaint dept. on their sight anymore, why is that????


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It's a conspiracy. All those people you wished death on following the natural disasters that plagued their areas decided to band together to drive to your Walmart to buy all of the sodas that you like just so you can't have any. :grin


I don't understand why you didn't price comp for the Pepsi and Coke. You don't need an ad at all.