1515 N. Loop 1604 E San Antonio TX 78232

20 May 2015, 20:31:22,

Lack of Security -- zero parking lot security

I purchased groceries, walked to my car, exited the door located closest to thegrocery dept.

I am NOT a scarey person. Enroute to my car, a young man approached me and said, "Can you help me and my brother out with some food, a McDonalds or something?" And I said, "Sure, I will walk you into Walmart and buy you some McDonalds."

He started thrashing his hands around, and became angry and said, "That is NOT what I am talking about." (He was standing by the shopping cart return closest to the grocery dept, in case you watch the video.) (I existed Terrell's check out at 20:31:22) And I want to say Terrell is very professional and courteous.

Clearly, his "brother" was on the parking aisle across from my vehicle, I observed him leaning up against his car and watching his "brother" approach me. His "brother" watched me the entire time from the time I left the store until I walked to my car. He never left his position standing by the car. (One "brother" was standing across from my vehicle watching me whie the other "brother" approached me.)

I did not open by SUV door, instead, I reversed my direction immediately put my phone to my ear like I was talking extremely loud and rolled my cart back into the store, asked for a manager. I told John, a manager, about the incident. I also told him there is no security on the parking lot. He said, "They won't mess with me, if they do I will call the police."

When opening SUV door, John observed the two brothers, the one standing by the car had gotten into the car and the one who was canvassing the parking lot jumed into the car and they exited. I don't know if John even filed an incident report. His solution was to "call the police" if they messed with him.

What about Walmart security?

Certainly a good option but what good would that do if he has no way of knowing of parking lot incidents or if someone had already been acousted?

I called my family, two family members drove up immedediately, we live at Gold Canyon, and there was NO security on the parking lot, there was no security at the door or in sight. I realize Walmart certainly has security onsite to curb shoplifters, they are "unseen", but what about the parking lot? ALL the other Walmarts I shop at have visible security patrols.

I thought of calling SAPD and making a report but they would do nothing I am sure. So my only option is to post online with the store location to prevent others from being accousted on the parking lot with no security.

Please call and let me know why I cannot safely shop at the neighborhood store I have shopped at since it was built.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Zero parking lot security at night.

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Very few chain grocery stores have security. I get approached with the "Excuse us, we're hungry and stranded" from *** addicts, etc like this all the time in parking lots, and guess what?

I keep walking.

It helps to wear sunglasses so they can't make eye contact or get out of the car with your phone pressed to your ear like you're talking so you can ignore them. Don't get involved, especially if you're a woman walking alone.


I have never seen a security guard in ANY store's parking lot, not just Walmart.


Walmart doesn't have security. They have loss prevention.

Those are two completely different things, and loss prevention is not trained for what you seem to expect of them, the police are and that is what they are paid for.

I'm a 5 ft 2 in female and I know how to handle pan handlers and trouble makers when on my way to my car. Maybe you should take a woman's defense class.


My wife works at walmart. She has to carry pepper spray. Nuff said.


Saying walmart should have it's own security team is like saying you should probably hire your own bodyguard.


Walmart only cares if someone tries to steal their product. They could care less if the customers or employees are in danger.

If they cared there would be guards in the parking lot and in the store.

I hope they read this. Yeh, right.


How many retailers do you shop with that have security? None.

That means that no one you give your money to cares about your safety.

It is your job to protect yourself. Hire a bodyguard if you are that scared.


Yeh, right. Walmart security.

What a joke. They only care about money.

The less they have to pay for security, the happier they are. It's all bout money for them.