Walmart resently opened a huge store in Mt. Pleasant S.C.

and i believe it is store number 4384.I have never seen employees this unfriendly and uncaring at a retail store.The last straw was when i was checking out sat.(4th)in the 20 items or less lane.The person did not say one word an had a total blank stare??Having shopped at times for approx.

40 yrs. at Walmart this was a first.

I suggest a trip to the nearby Target at Crown Center mall should you need to see how customers should be handled.Yes,you could see me there.

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Do you know how bad it sucks to deal with morons, screaming brats, and arrogant jerks for 8 hours straight? Try it. And smile the whole time.


Do you think the cashier wanted to talk to a pompous a s s hole like you?


Target is the same thing. Just slightly higher prices and slightly less selection. Oh; and it's red instead of blue....


They put the slow, sometimes mentally handicapped, and new cashiers in the express lane. It's faster sometimes to go to the longer line because of this.

You have to remember that when you go to Walmart; you are willingly dealing with staff that have no other skill than to swipe the barcode of something and ask a customer for a $ amount that the computer gives them. And half the time they mess that part up.

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