San Diego, California

I called 4 Walmarts in San Diego---La Mesa, Santee, ElCajon, and Lakeside--- alll never answered their phones! 2 were busy later-- then one put me on hold 2xs and never answered!

All I wanted to ask is if the garden center had a particular item. The service sucks and the quality of staff is horrible!

Isn't Walmart SUPPOSED to be one of the top retailers in the world? They do a great job ignoring their customers.

I will just shop at Target-- at least you get a wee bit more help. You figure they would focus on better standards to become a better retailer and earn more buisness

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They are just busy with other customers at the moment. Every heard of something called waiting your turn??

Hint: That is something they teach you in kindergarten.

Don't you think it would have been rude for them to stop in the middle of helping that customer to start helping you?? Especially since they may not even make a sale off of you because they may not even have what you are looking for. They could have blown two sales by that. You sound like some narcissist who thinks you are the center of the universe.

YOU AREN'T!!! Grow up. Wait your turn, or better yet, get off your fat butt and go in there and see if they have it.

Any wonder this nation is exploding in fat?? People like the OP is a good example.


I have never had to wait for the operator at my WalMart to answer the phone, I call anytime from early morning until really late at night. Sometimes there has been a wait while I am being transferred to the department that I want.

Sometimes when the person in a certain department is on the way to see if they have what I asked about a customer will probably stop them and ask a question and a good employee will stop and answer the question, they can't be rude and ignore a customer.

A person has to have some patience. I have also had the same reaction when I call Target.


"You figure they would focus on better standards to become a better retailer and earn more buisness"

Walmart isn't hurting for business sweetheart. If you don't like the fact that employees are helping customers who are actually at the store before the ones calling, open up your own retail store and show them how it's done.