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This is what just happened to me at store # 1951 in Ontario Or. have an emergency so daughter sent money to me from Michigan walmart to walmart.

at the store, customer service tells me transaction unavailable at the location. Clerk tells me they might have sent it to another state. I asked her to call for management, first manager tells me same thing. still have not told me why I cant get my money, so asked him to please find out why,asked me if I called the number on walmart to walmart paper so i called the fraud agency number on the form they said money is available so I go back and tell them just called and its available at this time he had left and had to speak to another manager this was Misty she came and told me the system is down and to come back in morning.

I told her no and find out why she said theres no one to call and wont call her boss on his time off. by this time I have been here over an hour and still getting nowhere so i told her that i want to know when i can get my money she said i cant and proceeds to tell me some *** it like a bank transaction i don't care I want my money call someone to get and answer. again she tells me there is no one to call and I told her find someone call your tech support and find out when your system will be up she finally got someone on phone and said that there system is down and it will be up by 7am. Still does not help me.

I told her your telling me that no one here can make a decision and there is not one to call. I told her this will change, I still need the money. she then grabs another manager veronica she said was her boss so I asked her, she could add no more. This is a sad and very dangerous situation when no one has support form corporate office to make a decision except to tell me I have to wait.

the whole ideal behind walmart to walmart and moneygram is to get the money now not tomorrow and not when our system is up but now. As she leaves again and comes back to offer me 15 dollars and to come back in morning I can see i'm getting nowhere. with this management team which has no more authority then another clerk. Management should always be able to get and answer form somewhere even at night if not close your doors.

so I told her ill wait there until the system is up and i can get my money customer service is only open until 10 pm and i said not tonight you better have some one stay until the system is up and i get my money, she told me i can't . Did not want to make her more upset then she already was but if i chose to stay you would have someone there all night and call police and tell them that I wont leave because you wont give me my money.

see what they say.

anyways I left with 15 dollars enough to eat and sleep in parking lot until 7am still have and emergency but no one knows who the boss is. if something happens to my mother tonight as she is 80 yrs old and in Boise by herself you cant make this up to us put your mother in that situation i would like an answer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Moneygram Money Transfer.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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They did make a decision. You just didn't like their decision.

There's a difference. By the way, I'm sure you could have waited in the store until the system was back up, but you would have done so alone and in the dark.

Maybe this whole experience will teach you to put some money aside to keep for an emergency so you don't have to rely on your daughter (who should be able to rely on you, not the other way around) or technology when you need fast cash.

AND if they say there is no one to call, it is probably because there is no one to call.

They had probably called their IT support, and were waiting for repairs, there is nothing that could be done in the mean time. I'm sure if they could have called someone they would have, just to get rid of you.


Walmart is just a middle man for Moneygram. If there's any issues, YOU have to call Moneygram. Walmart can't do anything if the satellite is down or your daughter did not fill out the information correctly.