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Wal-Mart changed their method of filling Grocery Pickups going to a central processing location rather than the pick-up store. This change results in receipts without a TC# so the transaction cannot be input into the Savings Catcher system. This is the second month that this has happened to us and it is frustrating.

Numerous contacts at various Wal-Mart numbers told us that there was nothing that can be done without a TC# so Grocery Pickup orders cannot be credited with any Savings Catcher credits.

I contacted the Savings Catcher Department, Walmart.com and the store manager but no one has an answer.

Their basic response: "So sorry, Charlie. No can do."

This reviewer shared experience about "no tc# on grocery pickup receipts" and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. This person is overall dissatisfied with Walmart. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I am trying to find out if there is a way to request a copy of the actual store receipt with a pickup order. I want to scan the receipt to IBOTTA for rebates on my Walmart purchases but Ibotta will not take an ereceipt.

to Donna #1506771

No doubt! I just read the info on ibotta website stating they will not accept grocery pick up or purchase of gift cards as elibible items.

Sucks cause I was all ready to take advantage of grocery pick up but I will lose so much due to almost everything I usually buy of course is on ibotta right now!! If it's a "personal shopper" as Walmart suggests it is then I would think they would scan items and check out like anyone else? Guess not.

Glad I checked thanks for posting. Sorry u didn't find a solution.


The last 2 times I have entered the TC# from my online grocery order recipt it has came back invalid- I'm not sure what has changed!!! It always took it before!!!

to Feeling frustrated #1434296

I also am having issues with this, the tc number on 3 of my receipts were not recognized also my latest one I can't even fit the whole number in on the line ???????? They need to fix this!!

Daytona Beach, Florida, United States #1316314

We got a follow up email from Walmart grocery and the TC number was on that email. So it looks like you can use the savings program

to Steve #1434298

But it is to long will not fit all in

Houston, Texas, United States #1313770

When I receive, get the TC# do I use the date order was placed online or date of pick up? Thanks

to Trish Navarre, Florida, United States #1323445

Use the date of pickup as your receipt isn't finalized until it has actually been picked up.

Zachary, Louisiana, United States #1307484

I don't think this is accurate. My emailed receipt from Walmart grocery pick up has the TC# every single time.

However, i don't think that the purchases are eligible for savings catcher.

I've entered the TC number from each pick-up and no prices have been matched.

I don't mind paying for the convenience though.

to Ashley #1506778

Not all Walmart's are the same. I found that out the hard way when my local store refused a return because it was over 50.00!

I couldn't believe this. The manager advised me that many are independently owned and have different rules on policy and procedure. I drove across the river to another location and had no problem. So maybe this is the difference I just want to use ibotta and don't want to risk losing out if it doesn't work but then again I'm trying to avoid taking my autistic son grocery shopping since school is out.

Only 2 stores in my local area (bossier city la) has the carolines cart for special needs children and disabled adults. It's sad since they came out years ago and promised to not only match but beat the price on other grocery carts purchased by store chains and they make them with same logo and coloring as all the other carts the store orders. Of course they get the infant car seat cart. The wheel chair cart.

The scooter cart and the little kid cart for 2 small children to ride side by side. But not one Walmart here has one for my child. Problem is u can't see autism. So they don't truly understand how common it is and how many more customers they would gain if they had these carts.

Anyone please spread the word. I try to talk to manager of any store when I'm making a trip without my son. It's too hard to try and talk to them when I have him. He sits in the cart main section at 12yr old!

And won't tolerate being in the store more than 5-10 min! Ugh it's tough. Otherwise he will run away or lay down and can overpower 2 grown men at once!

Yeah another thread I know. Have a good day

Boulder, Colorado, United States #1279117

This just started happening at my local Walmart. Before I was able to find the TC number in the email or in my account but now it's gone. Not a happy customer :-(

Canton, Georgia, United States #1270595

Go online to grocery.walmart.com, click on your account, then your orders. Next click order details.

The TC number is there. I just copied and pasted in the Walmart app and it worked.

to Anonymous #1298755

This worked for me thank you! U can not get the number thru the app though i have to go to the site listed.

I tried every way on the app but it only shows in store pick ups. It would be nice if they would link it where it is automatically sent to ur savings catcher when u order since ur name is on everything (both pick up & Savings)

to Anonymous Tyler, Texas, United States #1306005

I just placed an order on line and i am not picking the order up until Friday, does the transaction number show up after you have picked up the order?

Fenton, Missouri, United States #1257901

Having the same problem and just sent a message in. My online order history receipt has no TC#

Midlothian, Virginia, United States #1246914

The Walmart Grocery website for pick up ordering states "Walmart Grocery does not match prices from other online or physical stores, or Walmart stores other than the one where your items are picked and packed." I think this might be why the savings catcher won't work for online orders. Unfortunate because my big shops are now pick up orders.

Holley, Florida, United States #1217406

After you pu - they send you an email- the TC# is there. Copy the number, open savings catcher, paste TC# and add date then submit. I had no problems

to Anonymous Plano, Texas, United States #1232534

What did you put as your date? The day you placed the order, or the day you picked up?

I made my first order on Sunday and picked up on Monday. I found the TC# in the electronic receipt and entered it as a Monday purchase.

It's still pending and won't show me details. Thanks for your post!

to Anonymous Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States #1259676

I had no problems either it was in my emailed receipt

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, United States #1214676

My mobile phone won't recognize the TC number on my e-mail but I can log into savings catcher on my computer and it will recognize it. Its a little easier since I can copy & paste it from the pick up e-mail, little less convenient since I have to get on the computer.

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