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Wal-Mart changed their method of filling Grocery Pickups going to a central processing location rather than the pick-up store. This change results in receipts without a TC# so the transaction cannot be input into the Savings Catcher system. This is the second month that this has happened to us and it is frustrating.

Numerous contacts at various Wal-Mart numbers told us that there was nothing that can be done without a TC# so Grocery Pickup orders cannot be credited with any Savings Catcher credits.

I contacted the Savings Catcher Department, and the store manager but no one has an answer.

Their basic response: "So sorry, Charlie. No can do."

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: No TC# on Grocery Pickup receipts.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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  • Grocery Pickup
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I just placed an order on line and i am not picking the order up until Friday, does the transaction number show up after you have picked up the order?


Having the same problem and just sent a message in. My online order history receipt has no TC#


The Walmart Grocery website for pick up ordering states "Walmart Grocery does not match prices from other online or physical stores, or Walmart stores other than the one where your items are picked and packed." I think this might be why the savings catcher won't work for online orders. Unfortunate because my big shops are now pick up orders.


After you pu - they send you an email- the TC# is there. Copy the number, open savings catcher, paste TC# and add date then submit. I had no problems


What did you put as your date? The day you placed the order, or the day you picked up?

I made my first order on Sunday and picked up on Monday. I found the TC# in the electronic receipt and entered it as a Monday purchase.

It's still pending and won't show me details. Thanks for your post!


I had no problems either it was in my emailed receipt


My mobile phone won't recognize the TC number on my e-mail but I can log into savings catcher on my computer and it will recognize it. Its a little easier since I can copy & paste it from the pick up e-mail, little less convenient since I have to get on the computer.


The TC number can be found on your account online under the order history. :)


I see that on mine but the savings catcher won't take it.


Maybe you should do your own shopping then you'd get a normal receipt.


Maybe you shouldn’t be a ***