Pell City, Alabama

local walmart in Winfield Al will recieve no more *** eaters this season because they are a small store and "I need one.." I needed to cash in my walmart gift card today on Sept 28, 2009 to buy one else where but was refused, saying can not cash in gift card to do that...service desk and 2 other people in charge were asked also but no one would give me gift card was around $40.00 which would help me purchase one some where else but apparently WALMART can't part with that $40.00 VERY UNHAPPY.UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER who left the store knowing that was very unfair..I didn't feel at all like I the customer was right..

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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They are called store policies. I'm pretty sure EVERY store has them.


Seems to me someone paid for the card. So wouldn't you think returning the card for cash, which does not expire, be the same as returning any other item purcased with cash? A gift card is not a store credit!!


hmmmmmmm small store should keep out of season items AT THIER EXPENSE for a single customer? Then you can't cash in a gift card that plainly says on it no cash value.

Is me or are we wittnessing the self important ignorant taking over the world?


Can't believe they wouldn't cash in a card that has no cash value. You the customer wasn't right.

If you get a Mcdonalds gift card and you want a steak they don't owe you one.

Try buying something that walmart sells if you have a walmart gift card. They don't owe you anything except $40 worth of product they have in the store.