545 Conestoga Pkwy Lot 1, Shepherdsville, KY 40165, USA
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The Walmart that is in Shepherdsville Ky. opened about a year ago in 2016.

I take my elderly mother there because she likes this Walmart, but for the last few months they don't have any wheelchairs with the grocery baskets on them. They say they where stolen . Even the small carry baskets are gone. so we end up finding a empty box for her to carry on her lap while we shop in her own wheelchair brought from home .

This hurts her legs after we put all the things in the box. I know this is a problem for Walmart to keep people from stealing their wheelchairs and baskets .

But it also puts a hardship on us. My mother likes to shop here but now we may starting shopping at Maijers because they still have wheelchairs and plenty of baskets

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: no wheelchairs or carry baskets to shop with.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I've often seen teenagers driving those electric cart-scooters through the store. This was when my elderly friend & an elderly lady where both sitting on the bench inside the store waiting for a cart to free up.

these people can walk, but, not too far or long.

Wm can't say anything to the persons driving the carts for fun. Youth is wasted on the young!


To the person who decided that this complaint is not helpful...

Your complaint is with the ADA.


According to the ADA, as long as any handicapped customer can enter a place of business, that business is ADA compliant.

According to the ADA, there is no law stating that any business must provide handicapped carts.

Handicapped carts are provided as a courtesy, not a requirement.

Handicapped carts are not cheap.

It costs money to buy them.

The best thing any customer can do is to purchase one through their healthcare provider. If Meijer does not have handicapped carts, will you complain about that too?


While you are correct regarding ADA compliance, you obviously don't know how much wheelchairs cost lol. Let's wait until you need one and see how you feel about Walmart not providing them.


Walmart, nor any other business, is not obligated to buy one.

It is your responsibility to buy one.

Again, your complaint is with the ADA.


I think their issue (and mine for that matter) isn't w/o the the ADA but with your lack of understanding and your petty snideness. With that being said, it is absolutely correct that the electronic carts are usually in use by or have dead batteries due to people using them for fun rather than necessity and then just dumping them in the parking lot.

Congratulations to you for having the money to buy a flipping wheelchair and the audacity to suggest that every person just buy a wheelchair of their very own! I just had foot surgery and am non-weight bearing for the next 5 weeks, not enough to justify buying a wheelchair on top of the massive medical bills so I guess I should just not go to the grocery til I am able to walk?

So...I guess the real question is not why the rest of us are commenting about a legitimate issue we would like an answer to but why you felt the need to put in your 2 cents on a topic that obviously doesn't affect or even concern you and then respond to all of the replies? Find something constructive to do...maybe take an empathy class or something.