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My family and i were out shopping at walmart this evening . I needed several lunch meats for all of us for our lunches.

I was waiting for 10 minutes or so to get waited on. Only i was there waiting just me. The man behind the counter was down the other end laughing and carrying on with another co - worker. He came up to wait on me.

I asked the black gentleman named Percy at the meat counter to cut ham for me. I looked at the machines they were so disgusting all old cut up lunch meats were laying all over the machines. Just totally dirty and he told me i just cut meat on them . i TOLD HIM TO CLEAN THAT MACHINE FOR ME!!

HE GOT MAD AT ME AND THREW THE LUNCH MEAT HE CUT DOWN ON THE TABLE AND LEFT AND WALKED IN THE BACK ROOM AND STAYED THERE. WHAT AN INSULT!! I told him no you didnt cause i was here for awhile that meat was laying on the machines and the counters for who knows how long. Someone is going to get sick from bacteria.

I worked as a government food inspecter. This is bad practice!!!

I can't believe walmart lets people like that work in foods !! i WON'T BE BUYING ANY FOODS FROM WALMART AGAIN!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Sanitary Conditions.


Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Dirty.

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I bought Mara Natha Almond butter and got so ill I had to be bedridden for a week. At first thought I had a virus.

Took some more the next night and instantly broke out in a sweat and another night on the toilet. And the next week so bloody ill I couldn't hardly take care of myself.

It's the Walmart store on Westworth HWY in Fort Worth, Tx.

I am never going in there again, to any Wallmart. DONE!.