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While I think that the expansion and renovation at the Grande Prairie Wal-Mart has been well done, the level of service has deteriorated to the point of absurdity. It used to be a great store with friendly greeters, ample carts (in store, and a reasonable amount of check-out staff.

Not only has there never been a cart in sight the last 3 times I have shopped there, there has never been more than 3 tills open at any given time. Grande Prairie is an extremely busy and propserous city, more so than any other in Northwestern Canada. All I would like to ask is why has a store that used to be great to shop at turned into a consumer's nightmare?

In the last year I have shopped at Wal-mart centres in Kelowna, Airdrie, and Edmonton and they are what most shoppers have come to expect of Wal_mart. I will NOT be shopping at Grande Prairie Wal-mart any longer and I will be sure to spread the word.

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