Eugene, Oregon

I called west 11th wallmart 5/6 at 4pm. Asked for the frabric dept.

I was on hold for 13 minutes, gave up and called back. The same woman answered. I said I never got through to the fabric dept. She didn't say sorry.

Put me on hold for another 15 minutes with no answer. I called back. The line rang for 120 rings. Same woman picked up.

I complained and she hung up on me. I then called corporate wallmart line. The woman who answered was heavy breathing upset. I told her my issue and she said "let me get your number and have someone call you".

No apology. She was obviously sick of complaints. Nobody called. I went down to the wallmart on west 11th to get the fabric tape I wanted.

Nobody knew what I was talking about. I said I called and some guy in the toy dept. said "she's on break." This is an hour after the call. He didn't know what fabric tape was.

I found it thanks to some customer in the store. This is absurd and your company should be ashamed!!!! I will NEVER shop your *** store again. You hire rude, uneducated people that despise the company as much as I do.

I work 60 hours a week as a nurse, do not use the system, and look for a product or at least some employee that knows something and there is nothing. People get what they pay for at your *** store.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Sounds like you just dislike somewhere else and ***


LLoloool no one was in fabrics to answer they where not ignoring you. All stores are understaffed at night


Call the 1-800 number let them know the same information you gave above and about the wait time. Walmart associates are suppose to let management know when they go on break and another associate is suppose to cover the department.

That is how it is for jewelry, electronics, paint, and fabric. The 1-800 number will get to the powers that be and they will handle the issue asap!

When I call walmart and the associate for the department I am calling does not answer after waiting with no answer (long enough) I call back and ask for a manager and tell them if they can help since no one is answering and they do the leg work and apologize and I guarantee they find the employee that should have answered the call and let them know that they had to do their job. Managers don't like to have to do the leg work that their employees should be doing.


Poor baby! When an employee from one department is on break, somebody from another department fills in.

Also when you call for one department and the person working that department doesn't answer the phone right away, it is because they are helping a customer. Nowhere in your complaint did you state that you had spoke to somebody in fabric. All you stated was that you had tried and didn't get hold of anybody. It doesn't matter whether or not the fabric person had been on break for an hour or not.

When you were said you were looking for fabric tape, I don't know what you are talking about and I have been sewing for at least 60 years. There is bias tape, seam binding, hem tape, iron on tape, etc. and guess what, they are all made out of some type of fabric. From your lack of capitalization, and some of your spelling, I don't think you have the education to be a nurse.

Also some of your language leaves a lot to be desired. Being you don't like shopping at WalMart, next time you need something in the line of fabric, hopefully you can find it in another discount store, and you probably won't have any better service. Of course if you are lucky enough to have some regular fabric stores in your area, you can go to them, but you will pay dearly for your purchase in fabric stores.

The service in regular fabric stores isn't really any better. There are two well known fabric stores in the town I live in and they are always busy.


Hi there again, Anonymous!

So you're premise is, *** customer service is okay at Walmart, because other stores are busy too? Is that really the premise you think WalMart should be standing on - "We're Walmart - No crappier than most other places!"? And why are the consumers who write on here always "Poor baby!"

Walmart either wants this business or it doesn't. I think if you asked their corporate headquarters, they would say "We most definitely want that business", but it seems the retail clerks working there have other ideas. Maybe they haven't realized that once the bottom line starts falling, so do jobs, benefits, and paychecks.

It sounds like you are most definitely a Walmart employee, from the inside knowledge you seem to have about their operations. However, since you claim to be at least 70, maybe it is only part time? In any case, I would have thought someone of your age would have a better grasp on the theory of economics of retail, and the effects poor customer service can have on consumer and worker alike. But maybe wisdom doesn't come with age...