36205 US-27, Haines City, FL 33844, USA
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Re: Haines City, FL store located on US27 8/21/2017 Again, while shopping in this store two different customers had non-service dogs in the store. One had the nerve to put a blanket in the cart & let the tiny thing roam around in the basket.

Another had a larger dog in a stroller. I , again, voiced my complaint about this & was told by one of the managers that they cannot go up and down the isles to check on this (but their employees can be seen wandering around the store & talking to each other). i have voiced my health concerns about this many times about infants & children being put in the shopping carts along with fresh produce and these carts are not cleaned. This is a major health issue!

This store used to have greeters at he doors, but not any more. I don't see non-service dogs in the Publix or Winn-Dixie stores in this area whenever I shop there & I am shopping at these stores more frequently. I will not shop at this store anymore even though it is only a mile from my house. I don't need WalMart.

Management, clean up your attitude - It is your responsibility to ensure a clean & safe animal free (except service dogs) store. I like dogs but they do not belong in grocery stores period!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I think that once every month Wal-Mart should have a "Nudist's Shopping Day" where all of the employees are nude and all of the customer can go shopping naked.


That's b*******I have been in Walmart where people had their dog in the carts and that's disgusting


I am a huge animal lover. I have 7 dogs of my own.

However Wal-mart policy clearly prohibits people bringing there pets in the store. Not only that, it is also forbidden by the law. It doesn't matter if you're dog just had surgery. If that's the case.

Don't go shopping until you can leave the dog by itself.

It doesn't matter if some dogs are cleaner than some people. The fact of the matter is that it's illegal, and anybody who brings their pet into a walmart for any reason is wrong.


People are filthier and more disguisting than dogs, whoever you are who wrote this I wish to God that you would be in Walmart after my dog has one of his cancer treatments and has to go to store with me right after cause I have to watch him the next 12 hours, I would stomp a *** whole in your face, ugh you're just annoying, *** *** snitch *** I love all dogs more than I like people 100 %


Stay home with your dog-why the F would you bring a sick dog to the store, IN THE FIRST PLACE? You say you love animals, yet clearly let us know you abuse them.

Let the dog rest at home! You are just a troll, I bet anyway lol

@Paul Harris

you have no authority on Trolls. so shut up.


There is an difference between trolling and calling out and confronting others for what they are doing mean and nasty things to others or to animals. Maybe you need to take your own advice and shut up!

@Paul Harris

And you shouldn't make assumptions or accusations about others you don't know. You wouldn't want someone spread liable and fabricating details about you that you don't know. Clearly you have serious issues!


I would be more worried to catch something from half of you on this post or from half the people in Walmart then I would be from a dog or even a sick dog !! Are you guys not worried about a lot of people itching there own *** and touching something then not wanting it and you walk over and grab it least a dog is in the cart not doing nothing or touching nothing and like a said someone probably stuck there hand down there pants touched the cart and then you touched it you might want to worry about more possible stuff you could catch from people in Walmart then a dog


Worry about yourself.


Good job just don’t go there. Don’t want you there anyway.


We were not allowed to question a person to ask of the animal was s service animal but now our new policy states that Service Animals are welcome but emotional support and comfort animals are not.... Also I as a manager will kick any person who is faking a a service animal and have banned at least two customers whose animals were mean or not house broken.


Get over it!!


I totally agree with you. Have the same problem in Pa.

I was told they can't tell them to leave.

What!!! It's your store and it's posted, no non-service dogs in the store.

@B L Palm

I think it's clear as day, and you are 100% correct, service animals walk very well with their people on a leash as they are trained and these animals in strollers and carts you can tell are easily not service animals. If they were true service animals, how could they "work" when the person needs them?

They are stuck in the stroller or cart, unable to get to the person for their medical condition. These people who think it's cute are actually ruining something that is needed. I think there should have to be a special certificate kind of like a license that could when needed be shown that is issued like a disabled plate or hang tag that proves the animal is a service animal. And please do not come back with emotional support animals, they are not service animals.

It's just a cute way for people to take their pets with them. The behavior is so easy to tell true service animals. I do understand that some can be smaller animals, but they are trained far beyond any pet will ever be. At the risk of upsetting a lot of people that do take their pets with them, you need to knock it off.

It is proven your animal will distract an actual service animal if they need to help their person. You could be the cause of someone passing away because you insist on thinking your little prince or princess is so precious and needs to be with you 24/7. Did you know if someone is in distress and a true service animal approaches you without their person they are getting help and you should follow them? Your little "pet" may not react nicely and force the service dog to not get the help their person needs in a timely manner.

Your little pet could growl and lash out at the true service animal, causing the person to not get assistance. Also how do you know where you are going will not come across a service animal? Everyone with pets and not true service animals needs to just stop taking their pets everywhere. They will be perfectly fine at home while you run a quick errand.

I also think it's more dangerous for your pet to be out and about. What if some little kid gave chocolate to your animal by accident thinking it was giving them a treat when your back is turned grabbing something? What if you are in a car accident and your pet gets loose on a busy street because it's scared and you can not get to them quick enough and they get hit by a car?

What if your pet and someone else's pet get into a fight in a store? If it's a pet, please think it though more and stop doing this.


I too have noticed that people are bringing their dogs inside the Walmart store. I thought this would be a health code violation because the store sells food. I do not want to take a risk of buying food that could have FLEES.Today I was in Walmart and saw 2 people with dogs and the dogs were clearly NOT seeing eye dogs.Going forward, I will NOT shop at a Walmart again.


I had a house dog who was cleaner that half the people I see in walmart. Also I take medication for a medical condition that suppresses my immune system so being around peoples more hazardous to my health than a dog.

I have caught a cold, the flu and pink eye from other people. NOT once have I ever caught anything from a dog!


It's not about getting sick form the dog. It's having the dog bite people, urinate in the cart, plus it's the law.

Keep your pets HOME where they belong-or walk them in appropriate places, etc. Jeezus %$#@.


Good! Wouldn't want to catch anything from you.


This is going on in all of Walmart stores. The court system is at partial fault, for Walmart was sued by an individual for being asked to remove their dog from the store, and the customer won the case, As I understand Walmart is no longer allowed to ask if it is a service dog, just all come on in, BS!