Omaha, Nebraska

I went to your location on 168th and Maple St in Omaha Nebraska to return some milk we purchased that tasted sour. I will say my experience has me questioning if I will ever shop at your store again, regardless of how much money I save our family by price matching.

I arrived and was first in line behind a woman exchanging an online purchase, your customer service associate was having a hard time locating the order. The line quickly stacked behind me. Granted it was a busy Sunday afternoon but not one of the 2 customer service managers stop to help regardless if the 3 stops they made up there between the two of them. Although this is not my main concern, I felt bad for this girl. Wal-Mart is definitely the worst in customer service so too say my expectation was any higher would be a lie.

My, and the line of 10 people behind me was more what we saw in the area. Stacks and stacks of returned merchandise waiting to be put away. It's a busy Sunday, of course there are a lot of returns! It's the absolute disgusting cart of food I saw with NON SHELF stable food sitting in these carts for at least the 15 minutes I spent waiting to return my milk, that was still sitting there after going to get my exchanges, not to mention how long it sat there before. Your most common disease carrying items.... a 5 lb roll of hamburger, a gallon of milk (what a coincidence), and frozen chicken that I can guarantee you was no longer frozen!

As I left, I contacted your store management right away, the manager was not in but spoke with another manager who stated all those items would be thrown away, which I knew was a complete lie! It's buried in a basket with shelf stable items to be returned to the shelf.

I'm utterly disgusted, contemplating contacting my local news station, as well as the CDC and FDA to report a complaint. I will be spreading the word, absolutely unacceptable! An apology from your manager, Derek, would have at least been nice instead of excuses!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Every first of the month at my super center Walmart there is ALWAYS carts full of foods, electronics and clothes in the costumer service entrance. I once asked my mum what they would do with that stuff and she said something along he lines of "they put all of that back on the shelves, some people could get sick." I still to this day don't think Walmart managers and employees are *** enough to put perishable items that sat out for well over an hour (or longer) back in the departments they belong in.

There would've been an uproar by now I think.

I appreciate the post.

I was hoping others might have wondered this too, some of these comments are necessarily rude. A simple "perishable items that sit in carts that are no longer safe to sell to the customer are disposed of." Alas people love to be mean.


This is an interesting forum. As for this customer's comments, the replies are accurate.

I am a grateful Walmart Cashier. That cart is largely the result of "fantasy shoppers" using the belt and the cashiers to determine their budgets and final purchases, causing the long lines to stack up with "oh, no put that backs", "I don't want this any mores", etc.

(generally while talking on their cell phones)... On a single Sunday afternoon, there can be as many as ten full carts stacking up waiting to be restocked while perishable merchandise has to go to claims/losses, (marked out of inventory), and disposed of.


My Walmart has the same kind of bin. Perishable foods that get returned or that get left in random places in the store (I found steak in my hand soap a few days ago), get put in the bin.

The foods are then thrown away.

Those items are never returned to the shelf.


To be honest, the manager should apologize even though I don't think there's any warrant for one. However, I believe they deserve an apology from you for calling them liars over something you don't even know the truth about.

Now, I can't speak for Walmart because I work for a different retail store, but it's all the same in how we collect. Whether the item is returned, found damaged, or left around the store because customers don't put things back, we collect it and place it in our pile. At the end of my shift, we go through it all.

If an item is expired or perishable, it goes to the back to be thrown away. If the item is damaged, opened but not perishable, or defective, it gets sent away. Anything with no faults are returned to the shelf.

Now, here's an thought of mine you certainly don't have to agree with: It makes you wonder about the shoppers who put perishables in their cart, shop around for who knows how long, and end up putting that item back because they changed their mind.


Here is an example of someone who has no idea what they are talking about. I used to work for Walmart.

We never NEVER put returned foods items back on the shelf even if they weren't frozen, refrigerated, or even opened. Anything return got pitched. And like someone else said, a lot of that stuff was found in numerous places around the store because of thoughtless customers. They are also pitched.

Not put back on the shelf like you think. Walmart is not out to poison you.

Get a life! :roll


Food items are wrote off and thrown away. They are not put back on the shelves for sale.

FYI, if customers would stop leaving these food items lying all over the store, there wouldn't be so much waste. The majority of what is in the cart is what the associates found tossed on shelves in behind other items and anywhere else customers can think to throw it. Its not people returning it to the service desk.

Before you decide to become the big hero, at least know what your talking about! :eek


You can't prove anything. Just because non-self stable food items were in a cart with self stable food items, doesn't mean that the employees aren't smart enough to separate them.

Furthermore I bet the shelf stable items had been returned for something like expired expiration dates or some other reason that would make them unable to be placed on the shelves. I think you just have it in for WalMart.