Savannah, Georgia
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I went in the store with good spirits.The machines are simple.After 19 attempts to let my pursued items become to my handle and being result conducted form a woman more interested in the MLK review instead of the south..Which I had to stran with my disability I will not be taken advantage of and stole from..The customer is always right.Mentally it's not worth my time..Being older and wiser I laughed under my breathe about my money that's available.She lied and said my payment wasn't available And stated the machine on my side was inacurrant but hers was ... :Stated that my money was of no good use so I went to other store to Walmart where I found .that my money was taken and once the items is released my receipt should have appeared.Thats how I know it was an scammed then they lied and told me my money wasn't there but on my account it was..Get the drug addicts out of the way and stay clean..I told them no thank you on the service and left feeling better in peace ..Poor service is not what I need..So now I'ma slow down on self checkout and see the world for what it really is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chainsaw.

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What in the world are you babbling about?


I Do Not understand What your complaint Is about.