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I wrote a check at Walmart, Niceville, FL. The cashier took possession of my check and placed it in her machine. She tried to give the check back to me. I told since she took physical possession of my check, that it was hers. She caused a big stink. I refused to take the check! They need to take possession of any check to place in their machine. Therefore, they own the check. My bank does not return my checks so why should i accept it from Walmart. What happened to the customer is always correct. WalMart's procedure really upsets me.
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Wow, the letter writer needs a handler when venturing out in public.


BigBruce said it all. the customer isn't always right. at least not when they're being a *** like you or make crazy demands like MrsPsychoticLee


I suspect a small amount of brain damage.


WOW!!! Amen BigBruce! I couldnt have said that better myself :grin


You are a FR1GG1N ***! It's called an EFT Draft (Electronics Funds Transfer).

Wal-Mart transmits the routing, account, and check numbers off your paper check for payment processing using the ACH (Automatic Clearing House). The processing is entirely electronics.

Your bank never receives the check.

I'm sick of customers who think they know better than everyone else because they say so. You are not always correct, but you are an IDI0T for throwing a temper tantrum because the cashier knew what she was doing.

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