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Customer service

Every time I have been to this walmart I have had an issue with the abhorrent customer service, or rather customer disservice. The store is insanely messy.

Not just a mess, but everything, in every department is strewn about so much it looks almost intentional. The store is an insult to customers that I am expected to shop in this disgusting, rude, vile environment. I have had to stop employees before from MOCKING customers whom I didn't know ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION! The cosmetic section has make up graffiti with racist comments and has whole brands that are just empty under the display name.

Don't ever have a question, be white, be handicapped or expect the pharmacy people to do ANYTHING for you without yelling at them! HOW IS THIS STORE CONTINUED TO GET WORSE WITH NO INVOLVEMENT FROM CORPORATE?!

Reason of review: EVERYTHING.

Preferred solution: This walmart cleaned up, customer service reps dealt with.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Service, Lack of stock, Long waits, Management, Racism, Dumpster like appearance.

  • North Tryon
  • Disgusting Store
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Agree on all accounts! I normally only go to the Walmart on south Tryon.

Made the mistake of going to this Walmart last night, and my goodness! Until you've seen this Walmart, you have no idea!

Wow is all I can say! What a mess I turned around and left!


No, I've been to many Walmarts in Charlotte, I'm certainly not expecting a Nordstrom or amazing customer service but this Walmart is beyond awful and unlike any other Walmart in town it is so much worse.


As soon as I started reading your complaint, my immediate thought was, "I wonder if mostly black people work there."

Then farther in your comment, my suspicions were confirmed.


Customers are the main reason some stores look trashed. They act like pigs and throw stuff everywhere, trash the bathrooms, graffiti on the walls.

The employees can only do so much. They can't follow in behind everyone to clean up behind them. A woman in one Walmart store, as she was throwing pieces of Halloween costumes that she pulled out of the bags onto the floor, was arguing about how the employees need to clean up this mess! Don't blame the employees for what the customers do, I'd hate to see how they keep their homes if they can't respect public property.Also, most customers only complain about rude or no customer service when the employee doesn't immediately drop everything their doing to accommodate them.

People take the slogan "The customer is always right" to mean that they should have their *** kissed and given everything they want, when they want it and for the price that they want to pay.

Their are a lot of good customers and also a lot of arrogant pos customers out there. It sounds to me like you are one of the latter two.


Agreed. Customers also believe that store employees are superhumans who are not allowed to make mistakes and if we do, then the customer acts like we have committed a horrible sin against God.

@Grow up

No, I work at a retail store myself and just don't expect to see children mocked for stuttering or asked why they are so 'fugly' as I overheard, on different occasions. The Walmart on the other end of Tryon and near by Target appear nothing like this store.


Bullshlt. Employees are supposed to take care of the store and are rude filthy people usually customers are just trying to get their *** and get out of there. The employees are the true animals there


Employees are stocking the store and helping customers get checked out and/or helping them find what they need. It is not their job to run in behind you and your nasty friends cleaning up your mess.

Be a grownup and use a trash can or put the item you chose not to buy, back where you got it from. Employees are not babysitters.

Yes some customers want to get their stuff and get out of there, and there are those that will leave a trail of destruction behind before they leave. It sounds like you don't like Walmart and that's fine but don't blame the employees there for your own issues.


The Walmart on the other end of Tryon and near by Target appear nothing like this store and more importantly ACT nothing like this store


So you've been to this Walmart? Thank you on your take on how customer service should be handled but I manage a large retail store myself and not seeing children mocked on multiple occasions, or expecting merchandise to be in anyway the proper location or at least not piled on the floor (same items time and time again, not a customers doing) not misplacing RXs and being vile and ruder than I've ever sewn, not having more than two lines open as the lines length exceed 25 minutes is certainly not being an 'arrogant pos' it's basic customer service expectations.

Every other walmart, the store I run (with no pissed consumer pages!) and Target supercenter a block or two away I transferred my RXs to to never step in this filthy dumpster of a store, never have these problems! So what was your experience at this Walmart?


Wow, I can't believe you took so much time to write that ignorant statement!! Your probably at the register with your phone sending your ignorant message.

First off you accepted that position so you know what comes with it, meaning at the end of the day the customer is right. Your attitudes are sorry , especially management..I did record my experience with the rise cashiers today and will take it to corporate and if they refuse to do something then I assure you channel 9 won't..