1375 Market Square Dr, Springdale, AR 72762, USA
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Went in today to this location just to get a few things. Most of the things that I needed were drinks from the coolers and impulse snacks available up front.

CSM girl in yellow vest just standing there watching me the whole time as I was trying to shop. Couldn't concentrate on what I needed to get. Had only a limited amount of money. I did eventually get everything despite all of the gawking and staring.

Went to pay for everything and was a little shocked at the low price for everything. Went home and discovered I had not paid for my 6 pack of Dr. Peppers. Being the honest person I am I went back up there and paid for them.

All the employees and customers were gawking at me as usual and I was worried they might had already called the cops and were waiting on me seeing as this area is already out to get me, but no problems. I paid for my thing and left, but I wouldn't have had to waste gas and do that if it wasn't for the Walmart CSM making me all nervous and causing me to forget.

I am very ADD. I know you have to watch out for the real thieves but this has gone too far.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Nosey walmart employees.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Walmart is a mecca for shoplifters. They're going to watch the customers.

If you can't handle it, go elsewhere.

If you're not already getting help, get some. If you're getting help, time to switch because whatever you're doing is obviously not working.


Do not worry about it, if they saw you take the six pack of Doctor Pepper without paying you would have been either apprehended by LP, or shot on the spot, perhaps both.


I like how you are referring to the employees as girls when you are the one acting like a child.


You dumb ***...do you not und erstand there are alot of us fighting mental illness...I suffer from anxiety and I do not feel comfortable being stared down for no reason....and even when you confront the employees they just stand there like a deer in head lights...*** cowards.


This person could be schizophrenic.


It sounds like you have some sort of paranoia disorder as well. Not trying to be funny, but it's not normal to be that paranoid about buying soda. Factor that out with your "out to get me" comment, and it sounds like you have a genuine condition.