Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Obviously I can't speak for everyone, but I am personally pleased with our local Wal-Mart. The employees are friendly (most of them anyway), they are quick to resolve any issues, and have the best prices around. I've worked in retail for 4 years in total. In my time, I've seen all sorts of customer ranging from the entitled, the impatient, the one looking for a discount, etc. If an employee doesn't seem "happy-go-lucky" when you complain, its most likely due tot he fact you're not the first person to complain. They've heard it all, most of them being silly complaints that the customer probably brought on themselves.

I'm not defending Wal-Mart and I'm not defending the customers of Wal-Mart. This is just a compliment for remaining cool and collected when the going gets rough. I will tell you about an experience I had. Again, this is not a complaint!

Since we're not in the best financial circumstances at the moment, we've been looking for ways to save money on everyday items. I discovered coupons.com. When I went through the self-checkout with the exact item as advertised on the coupon and scanned the coupon, it appeared it was accepted. After swiping my debit card, selecting the payment method, etc; the self-checkout informed me I didn't have a valid item for the coupon. To inform them of a possible error within their system, I asked an employee for some help. She didn't want to listen to me, constantly interrupted me, and didn't want to help at all. I accepted that and left. I later called the 800 number to let them know of my experience. I also called the store. I wasn't expecting any compensation, but they provided it anyway. Even if I wasn't offered anything, I wouldn't have cared. I know things happen, and being pulled in a million different directions by customers doesn't help your frustration level.

To the employees of Wal-Mart: When things seem rough, just remember - For every nasty "customer", there are ten others who will make a bad day good! Hang in there!

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Store#04415-pharmacy employees are the greatest,,employee Catherine Hernandez,very helpful.


Lonnie at the Electronics department in Tucson, AZ who works at the E. Speedway store is a very patient, kind person who took time to help an older technically challenged customer. Thank you!


Store#:1182-Palm Coast, Florida 32137

We are regular customers of your Palm Coast, Florida store.

Most recently, we purchased two[2] android trac- phones.

Your store Associate-"NANDO", in their telephone department has displayed excellent knowledge of the product, and has helped us in the set-up procedures, opn a number of occasions!

Equally important, his calm, professional, and very patient manner, especially appreciated by my wife , and me who profess to be non-techie types!

Hoping that he will be cited with a management commendation in the very near future for his ability to service Walmart customers in a very effective manner. Arthur M.

Alex, P.D. Rhonda Ellen Alex


I visited wal mart automotive department (Hinesville,Ga) store # 862 the associate Shirley Boles was kind, helpful,very friendly and treated me with dignity and respect as she assisted me. I would like to say Thank you very much and because of the consideration you showed to me during my visit, i will make wal mart my number one choice for all my automotive needs. Thanks again.


im a customer of walmart rx I have moved from west part of town a lot further west however I will continue going to this rx because Jessica rx mgr heather best rx tech in town give great customer service a big asset to your team you should be proud of these 2 associates. thank you , don pharris .dpharris2@cox.net


I agree with you on your comments about WalMart. In the many years that I have shopped in WalMart stores, I have never had what could be called a bad experience.

I have taught my adult mentally handicapped daughter that when she needs help finding something to go to an employee, say "excuse me sir or maam" whichever the case may be and then ask for what she needs help with. It shouldn't be any big effort for the customer to be polite and remember that the employees are only human.