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I was a faithful Walmart+ user for close to a year. One day, I had to change banks because the one I was with went out of business.

I learned soon after I changed banks and placed my new debit card on my Walmart account that I was then unable to place any sort of order. If I do, I get an email that mentions possible fraud or not able to verify payment. I've spoken with multiple help desk representatives over the course of a week and no solution can be provided. No one knows why the issues persist, and my bank also has no clue.

I've compared addresses on my bank and Walmart accounts.

I've had to cancel my Walmart+ membership because it makes no sense to pay for something I can't use. It's outlandish that a company is willing to disallow a customer from an entire service with no possible solution.

Preferred solution: I would like some assistance with getting my payment method working..

Walmart Cons: Cancelled.

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Walmart just recently charged me on an unauthorized Walmart+ account debit charges for digital gift cards. I received an email from Walmart welcoming me to their Walmart+ account.

I notified them in a return email that I had not set up or authorized this account. I received an email that Walmart had identified possible fraudulent activity on the account (the account I had not authorized by the way) and that they were going to cancel the transaction. I responded via return email that the transaction was not mine.

Well just after that, Walmart charged my debit card for an order which was twice as much as the first. This did hit my debit card.


Had the same problem. In my case I had to add my phone number to my account in order for any online purchases whatsoever to work again after they randomly stopped working one day outta the blue.

In your case, it could possibly be that the formatting that the bank uses for your address is incompatible with whatever silly database Walmart uses to verify addresses, which would likely trigger a generic fraud/verification e-mail whenever you try to place an order. I'd look into that next, seeing as you seem to have hit a dead-end otherwise.

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