I had to do some shopping at the WalMart closest to me on 7/21/20, after I had driven an hour one way for an appointment with a neurologist, and spent at least 1 1/2 hours wearing a mask during my appointment. Since I live on my Social Security income, was needing to buy my groceries for the month.

First off, they had the south door completely closed off. Meaning I had to walk back to my car and drive to the other end of the parking lot, which was very full. I had to drive around several times to get a parking space that was very far away from the door. I am 71 years old and just have had a major health crisis that I am still not back to my normal from.

By this point I was very tempted to just leave and drive the 1/2 hr. home. I finally get up to the door and there is an employee standing by the door to check that everyone has a mask on. Reminiscent of the Gestapo SS Hitler thugs.

I put my mask on and enter. I see a sea of masked faces!! It made me angry and sad at the same time. I proceed to shop.

I went to the deli and waited at least 10min just to get my turn to order what I wanted. Every item I told the girl behind the deli counter that I wanted, she would ask me to repeat it because she couldnt hear me with the mask on. It took me at least 20 minutes to get everything I wanted because there was only 2 girls working the deli. There should have been at least one more person helping.

I continued shopping and kept feeling very fatigued. 1/2 hr after I left the deli I felt weak and clammy so I went to the bathroom to splash my face. As I got to the restroom I felt like I was going to pass out, so I went into a stall and sat down on the commode and put my head down to keep from passing out. I was in there probably 1/2 hr.

At that point I had to get checked out. Went up front and found out that there were only 2 lines open that werent self check out. Waited for at least 20 minutes in the shortest line. Finally got up and put everything on the conveyor belt and payed for everything.

I was exhausted by the whole experience. I dont plan to go back to WalMart any time soon. I had nothing good to say about this store or its policy to follow the Deep State criminals lead by mandating mask wearing in their stores!! Bentonville is alienating many of their best customers!!

Enough is enough!!! Stop destroying this country by following the dictates of the far radical lefts agenda!!!

Location: Milan, Indiana

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Right on, Grandma!


How ignorant you would follow orders at your doctor's office but not at walmart. Do you think you are better than others that shop at walmart or their employees?


Then keep yourself at home. You will be missed by no one.

Selfish people are no longer needed or wanted out in public.

You will also be denied a vaccine when it comes on the market. Just know that.


Is this response from walmart or from another customer? Because, really?

Who made EITHER responsible for ANYONE elses medical conditions? Keep yourself at home.

Seriously? Someone seems to be a controlling psychopath!


People are dying and I just hope that you're next.


Why were you ok with wearing a mask at your doctors office but are upset about wearing a mask in a crowded store?

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