Houston, Texas

They have 6 battery operated carts for handicaps, & most of the time 2 of them are broke down. My husband & myself are both handicap &you can go into the store any time of the day &; all carts are occupied.

Other grocery stores in the area never have that problem. As a result myself & more than several handicap people stopped shopping at Walmart REference store 27650 St. Hwy 249 Tomball Tx 77375 Mgr Tim Raburn You know both of walk with canes, & my husband has a severe heart problem, which means the only he can get around in WalMart is with a cart.

I have lower back problems, also using a cane & cannot walk very far in the store. Need a cart.

  • Battery operated carts
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They have them, but they are always being used by the obese pigs who refuse to walk when shopping, and prefer to buzz their fat *** around on a cart. Its walmart!

They could have 50 scooters and the fatties would take them every time. Anything to avoid walking.


Walmart is not your mother. Walmart is not required to provide you with an electric scooter just because you are too fat to walk 500 feet to the Twinkie aisle and back again.

If you need special equipment to get around; then YOU NEED to get it yourself; don't forget that. You should be on here kissing Walmart's feet for providing an expensive piece of equipment to you for FREE 24/7, even though they are not required to at all.

Please do not procreate. Please do not leave your house.


Do you know what the WALMART ceo makes read huffington post Walmart "CEO's Pay Jumps 14.1 Percent To $20.7 Million".

Who has time to care about you having an ELECTRIC CARD available for when you want it. He is way way way to busy buying boats,cars,and life insurance policy!!

Good luck getting a working electric cart.

cashiers lose hours, door handlers cut, not enough MONEY AFTER THE CEO gets his cut!! 14.1% IT IS TRUE


You should be able to SCHEDULE an electric cart. That way you can have the cart when you want it.

Also they should look into personal shoppers.

Lots of customers would use these services!! Old,handicapped,sick,overworked!!


There isn't any law requiring stores to have these electric carts for the customers to use. The ones that have them do it as a courtesy to the customers.

Where I live we have a lot of large grocery stores, but I would be willing to bet they are never as busy as WalMart because of the fact that WalMart sells more than groceries. Your WalMart must not be real large, if they only have six of the carts. My WalMart has around 30 of them. That being said the last time I was in a grocery store that had the carts, they only had two, that is all any of the other discount stores have where I live.

I know from personal experience that if a person gets to my WalMart between seven and eight in the morning, you can get a cart that works, and if by any chance it would quit running while you are in the store, you can get an employee to bring you a different one and take the one that quit running back. No matter where I shop, I shop real early so I can avoid the crowds, and screaming kids. There is one other solution, if you and your husband really need these carts, you can buy your own.

I assume you are both on disability, therefore medicare would pay for them, providing your doctors fill out the right paper work, stating that you need something like that.


?? Its just amazing, how did folks manage years ago with out these carts ?? Anyone??


Stores never used to be so large, therefore it was easier to get around in the store in less time. It used to really bother me when I would go to visit my folks in the little town where they lived and I would have to go to one of the two little grocery stores in the town to get something that my mother needed for a meal. Things were higher priced, less selection, and too crowded.