Murphy, North Carolina

I went to walmart and had 3 items to check out. I was in line but when the last person in front of me checked through the cashier turned her light off,so I went to another line and waited my turn.

When I was next and putting my items on the counter I was told the registar wasn't working and I would have to go to another check out.

The 3rd line I was in was long,no self checkouts were opened . When I finally placed my item onto the counter and had 2 beers in the cart,the check out girl had to have the beer removed and scaned separately even though they were the same.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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crazy they put in 30 check out lines and have 2 open near the supercenter (grocery) 1 in the middle of the store and 1 in the very end of the store. why put in 30 check outs if you only plan to open 4 max and the cashiers are another entire nightmare. slow slow slow


The beer regulation seems correct to me, so live with that one. For the other part, why would you shop at WalMart when all this time is wasted?

Isn't another store a better possibility? I do not care for WalMart groceries or prices, so I go to Safeway.


Why did you leave the first line? If you were already in line when the cashier turned off her light she probably still would have checked you out. You jumped the gun there.