Springfield, Massachusetts

For over a year I have complained about the lack of handicapped carts at this Walmart store. They just don't care about their handicapped shoppers.

I have bad sacroiliac back and knee problems. If I walk around the store to shop on the concrete floors I end up in bed for 2 or 3 days barely able to walk. This super store has only 3 or 4 carts which 1/2 or more of them are broken or have dead batteries.

It would be nice if Walmart spent some of their profits to help the handicapped customer. Show a little feeling for those of us are unfortunately handicapped.

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And I bet you weigh 400 pounds too...because that's all I see who drive those carts...try not eating everything in sight and have self-control then you would be able to walk on your own


If you had a valid medical reason for needing a wheel chair or scooter your insurance company or medicare should provide one for you. It isn't the responsibility of retail stores to provide you a way to get around.

First Born Triplet

Most stores only have three or four carts, what do you want them to do have a hundred, they have to store them somewhere and they would not be room for more than 4 carts.

@First Born Triplet

There is always a lot of space on the roof.


ADA has requirements if they are not meeting the requirements report to the fire company and report to the ADA. Also contact your local news and see if they will do an undercover story (shame them)


The ADA only pertains to the building. As long as the building is handicap accessible the business is under no obligation to provide wheelchairs/ECVs.


Bring your own cart! 1 or 2 carts is plenty!

Or maybe you can sit and wait on a bench? What's your hurry?