I called 10 different Wal-Marts in the New Orleans area, over half of them wouldnt even pick up the phone in deptartment I was calling.. If I am willing to drive 40 miles to buy an item, they should be willing to answer the phone to let me know if it is in stock..

CUSTOMER SERVICE NEEDS WORK!!!!! Why dont you hire enough staff to answer the phones, Uncle Wally?? I would be happy to have a job sitting on my duff, answering your phones...

I would even smile and be friendly to the customers that call in, after all, their the ones who made you rich.. I'd tell you to call me, but apparently half your phones dont work.

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Good luck on getting the Pico Rivera CA Walmart to answer their phone. I do not have a car so I often call to ask some questions or what they have available in stock and nobody answers ridiculous are you running a business or not?

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada #1347852

Kelowna BC Canada will not turn their a/c on even though it is almost 100 degrees here. They claim the head office "back east" regulates their a/c usage and wont let the store turn it on because it is not as hot "back east" wherever that is.

Been trying to call WalMart all evening to ask why they let someone 3000 miles away dictate when to use a/c. Called numerous times....let the phone ring 45 times but no answer. See ya WalMart!

Superstore has just as good prices as you, they answer their phone, and they have the a/c going all day. Bunch of cheap *** jerks at Wally world!


Three stores five calls only one answer put on hold never came back.

Lemoore, California, United States #1229220

Sadly they do not care for the consumer and their employees. It is all about the money to these multi million dollar companies.


so if I have a good career I should give it up because I want walmart to serve me better? I hope you are sterile and never raise children

I doubt you have a good career with such terrible spelling, hope you never home school your children. If you have such a good career you can afford to shop elsewhere.


Same s*** is happening to me! Been calling for an hour and still no answer!!

Is it that hard to answer your *** phones!? You are a business correct? Walmart employees must be the laziest paid workers in the world!!

I'm not driving 5 miles to go and find out my item is not in stock. Get of your a** and answer your phones!!


Get off your lazy bums n go to walmart and find what you need instead of blowing up the phone because you want to be lazy and annoying

to Anonymous #1105027

*** you ***, you must be a walmart employee, hope you choke on your own puke in a walmart

to Anonymous #1105330

You must be three years old to ASSume that because someone tells the customer they are wrong that they are an employee. This site is for adults, get off.

Franklin, Michigan, United States #871338

I'm having the SAME issue! Noone is picking up the phone!!!!!!!!

Waleska, Georgia, United States #794109

The people who answer the phones are the fitting room associates. They are also required to stock apparel, let people in and out of the fitting room, put up the clothes those people did not want, answer questions for other customers, page for help to all the different departments, and coordinate the radios between the different managers.

They have other jobs than answering the phone and do not even get to sit while doing it.

If you didn't get through, keep calling. They are probably busy with something else.

to rr4u #910593

then they need to hire more ppl to ease the soflines' workers load. (target has the same expectations for fitting room associates but you still get someone on the phone in a minute or two).

i never get anyone to answer my call at my local walmart. i've called and waited for 5-7 mins before redialing-- and still nothing! they need better customer service all around, but i'd start with the phones.

They don't even have a recorded voice to help you with Store/Department hours! it just keeps ringing!!

to nonickname Orange, California, United States #910972

For all you saying they need to hire more people why not apply. They cannot hire people if people do not apply for the job, this is simple logic even a six year old can use.

to KevinRichards #1105028

so if I have a good career I should give it up because I want walmart to serve me better? I hope you are sterile and never raise children

to KevinRichards Gonzales, Louisiana, United States #1345800

I did apply and I was called but i missed the and been trying to get in touch with them for 5 days now and cannot get a mgr or anyone in personal. So im stopping by later today and hunting a mgr down.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #787444

Its a store, not a call center. No one is going to run over to the phone because it's ringing.

If someone is busy they're not going to rush to the phone. Why don't you check online since they have a section to see if an item is in stock?

to nonone #1105029

BECAUSE ITS UNRELIABLE ONLINE! Its not up to date and always a few days off.

Source: I'm a former walmart associate

Oceanside, California, United States #784915

This is ridiculous, I've just called 3 stores in the Oceanside, CA area and none are answering their phones. What is going on!!! You are quickly loosing my business!


yes same here in Scarborough Ontario Canada they dont answer and when they do and you ask them to check a item for you they say oh no we dont have a computer sorry so why did you pick up the phone im not calling to say hi and ask you how your xmas went

to Hotdogmolly #787504

So let me get this straight, first you get upset that they don't answer the phone, then you get mad that they answered the phone and did not answer your question. You sound like a psycho.

Must be because your legal drinking age is 18 rather than 21. Drink three years earlier which fries your brain cells.

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