I recently was in one of your Walmart stores at 2801 Airport Thruway in Columbus, Georgia. I was very aggravated and appalled not to see that two entrance ways were not opened for the customers at the home / pharmacy entrance and the grocery area.

Before i went into the store i noticed that they were using the home / pharmacy entrance for emergency use only.

This location has enough customers coming in and out of it every day. It is my opinion that this location needs to go back to keeping the home / pharmacy entrance opened.

Location: Columbus, Georgia

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They are under orders to limit customers. If you do not like it then shop elsewhere or open your store. You do not dictate store policy.


Really? You were "appalled." Seriously?

Geez, get over it.

The whole world is a mess and you're appalled that they don't have both doors opened? I think there are bigger things to be "appalled" at.


Get over it. This is just the way it is now.

Most of the people who shop at Walmart could use the extra exercise. Stop being so lazy. If you are that lazy, please stay home. The fewer oversized shoppers in Walmart, the better for those of us who arent too lazy to walk.

What we all should be complaining about is Walmart's incompetence. There is no excuse for empty shelves after this long. It is time for people to adapt to the new normal, and stop staying home like lazy cowards. When we shop at Walmart, we expect for everything we need to be available.

My life and responsibilities dont stop, so why cant everyone else suck it up and do their jobs. Make sure there is plent of everything on the shelves.

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