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Walmart needs to focus on training their employees. I used self checkout service, but the machine didn't accept the debit card.

I didn't have any cash or credit card, so I called the employee to resolve the problem. The employee said that all of the machines in their store were not accepting debit card. There was not any notice about it around the scanner. If I knew it, I would not have scanned all of the items.

The employee was just standing in front of me, saying nothing. She was not willing to solve the problem, and she didn't even try something. She was like 'I don't know, I can't do anything for you' Because she didn't do anything, I just went to ATM in the store to get the cash. I had to pay the transaction fee.

If the employee tried to solve the problem, I would not have to pay the fee. I can't believe that all of the card machines were out of order in WALMART.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $32.

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Yes all of them were out of order, and there wasn't a thing she could do about it. It was a nationwide issue. You could have tried running your debit as a credit though x


The OP took a double dose of st*pid pills before heading to Walmart, it appears.


What exactly did you expect her to do wave a wand and make the machine start accepting debit cards. Yeah machines sometimes break down unfortunately, just like websites temporary don't work.

If you are old enough you would know this, shame on you for stealing your parents debit card. Also how did you lose $32, the transaction fee is $2 at maximum.


You don`t know what you are talking about, for your information I was not told that the debit machine was out of order, yeah there was a sign but people don`t pay attention to signs, and not one but all machines were out of order. Someone should have been making a page that the debit machines were out of order for self check outs.

At the one 30 minutes away from this one they always make an announcement as well as post a note that the debit machine was out of order. What if the person cannot read, this means that Walmart discriminates against those that do not read or immigrants. A simple sign means nothing, people do not pay attention to signs.

Someone should have made a page that the debit machines were not working. I missed the sign not because I do not know how to read but because I did not notice it.


Your explanation of the event is not consistent. You say that the employee told you that the machines were not accepting debit cards and then you say "I wasn't told the machine was out of order." Then you say someone should have been making a page that the debit machines were out of order for self checkouts and mention the one 30 minutes away that does.

Then you go and say "What if the person cannot read, this means that Walmart discriminates against those that do not read or immigrants." You continue to say a simple sign means nothing and that people do not pay attention.

You are one confusing person.

What in the world is your point? That you have an IQ of about 5?

The employee could not have done anything about the problem.


So you admit there was a sign advising you of the problem but you did not pay attention/chose to ignore it. That is not Walmart's problem.

They advised you before you started to ring up anything that machines were not accepting debit. Also your complaint revolved around the employee doing nothing. Did you want them to tell every person coming up to the register "we aren't accepting debit". Sorry, if I am that employee I assume if you know how to use a self checkout you know how to read.

Not only that but the employee would also have no reason to know or assume you are using debit. You also could have simply left the groceries and chosen not to pay, instead obviously you felt it was worth your time to pay the transaction fee rather than go to the bank and come back or take your business elsewhere.


Maybe they did make pages but you didn't notice those either, just like you didn't notice the sign. Technology fails.

It sucks but it's true.

There really was nothing the cashier could have done besides apologize, which she did. Be an adult and realize the world isn't perfect and sometimes things go wrong.


You are so right in saying people don't read signs or even pay attention when the machine itself is telling you it is only accepting a certain form of payment , do you still want to continue.. They just press the yes button and get highly upset when it doesn't take the former of payment they are wanting to use.. With that being said , the cashier should have been more attentive to the situation and suspended your order and taken you at the register no matter how annoyed she might have been

First Born Triplet

So in other words she has no accountability for her own actions. We don't even know if we are getting the truth here, first she says there was no sign, then she says there was a sign and that she missed it.


Yeah and this customer should have been more attentive to the sign that "was not" there as well, here it works both ways. If they took her to a register the people waiting in line would be annoyed because of someone who choose to be not pay attention to the sign and possibly pages.

She need to stop day dreaming and take personal responsibility for her actions. We are all adults here, and sometimes unfortunate things happen.

For her to expect the cashier to fix a problem beyond her control is foolish. If this customer had been attentive she would have known there was a sign and went to the registers.


They said that ALL the machines weren't taking debit. I'm assuming the entire system was down and it wasn't only the self check machines not taking debits. In that case they couldn't have suspended the transaction and taken it anywhere rose.


Walmart discriminates against *** and therefore does not want you to return to their stores. Please visit K-Mart or Family Dollar from now on.

First Born Triplet

If her name is Hermione Granger why not.

First Born Triplet

If the cashier is Hermione Granger why not.

First Born Triplet
@First Born Triplet

I mean waving the want thing and making the registers work.


What do you expect the employee to do? The employee can't solve the problem because the employee is not a technician.

They don't work on the in's and out of a register. Also there's nothing to say anything the employee did would have solved the problem. Let's just say the employee tries to reboot the machine, but the problem lies in the computer lines being unable to transmit debit information.

Hey look, the problem is still not solved due to an issue completely out of the employee's hands. Even computers aren't perfect and it does happen in stores where they cannot accept a certain form of electronic payment due to a computer error completely out of their hands.