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Bought a Maxx Ever Start 78N. Bought it in 9/4/17.

Thant battery went bad had it replaced in 1/6/18. Today 11/25/18 went bad today.

Bought a different battery from another supplier because it wasn’t going to happen again. They would not refund me cash nor a store voucher.

Since there is no way to contact me below here


Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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same problem with a tv I brought 3 months ago. it does not stay on and goes to black screen I have video and pictures and this and sent them a recipt as I brought it on walmart.com.

its now 2 months and there not fixing there tv.

nop service man no repair no replacment . I will never brought from walmart only amazon


You don't seem to understand the terms of the warranty. It states that it is a replacement warranty.

That means they will REPLACE the battery.

It doesn't say they will give you a refund or store credit. You didn't give them the opportunity to replace the battery, you just demanded a refund which wasn't a part of the terms of the warranty.


I guess you don’t mind switching batteries every 5-7 mths


The point is a warranty is a legal contract. If it said you could bring the battery back for a refund and they refused to give you a refund you would have a valid complaint and could say they didn't honor the warranty.

Honoring the warranty would be exchanging the battery which you didn't give them a chance to do.

You may also want to have your charging system in the car checked. There could be a problem there that is causing your batteries to fail.


My equipment is up to full operating condition. I guess we will stay with Deka batteries.

Also has no where on the receipt or battery about warranty.

I guess I should have listened to others. They don’t last in the cold or in storage