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In walmart's black Friday ad the fine print says that items on pages 1-23 are available from 5-11am, 24-31 are available all day on Friday, and 32 all day on Saturday. The computer that my family is wanting is on page 31, which means that it is on sale ALL DAY Friday. Myself and my step dad had called earlier in the day to see if it would be on sale at midnight and was told "yes" by management.

We got up at 11pm tonight to go over there and we called one more time to see and was told that it was only on sale after 5 am and that it didn't matter what the paper said, they could only sell them at 5.

Isn't this false advertisement?

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We arrived around 4:00 am at out local Wal-Mart today hoping to get a few of the great electronic deals. Only to find out they were already sold out! Our Wal-Mart started a new procedure this year for selling the electronics and didn’t advertise it anywhere.

At 2:00am they started handing out armbands for the products you wanted and then you had to come back in-between 5:00 and 6:00 am to pick up. By the time we got to the store at 4:00am all of the wristbands were giving out for the laptops ( the $198, $298, and $398).

You had to have a wristband for any electronic item and if you got a wristband for one type of electronic item you were not allowed to get a wristband for another. For example, if you got a wrist band for a blue ray DVD player you were not allowed a wristband for a TV. However, if you got a wrist band for the blue ray you could purchase as many as you wanted. (You could walk out with as many blue ray DVD players you wanted but no other electronics)

Where the LOGIC in this system? How can they advertise sales to start at 5:00am but items are already SOLD OUT at 4:00 am? How can they advertise items in the flyer on sale but then limit what items you can purchase? I can understand putting limits of one product per person but not limiting the type of electronic you can buy. (my mom wanted to purchase the blue ray player and a TV and was told she couldn’t get the TV wristband because she had on a blue ray wristband.

Wal-mart just lost my business!!!

"All big ticket items at walmart were only 10 on hand. That is fraud"....

Thats not fraud.... They are in noway obligated to stock up so that EVERYONE can get a good deal, thats why its says "While supplies Last"....

File as many useless complaints as you want, the only response you'll get is "You should have got there earlier. Deal With it!"...


Please, Please everyone file a complaint with consumer protection in your state.

What we all need to do is file a complaint with consumer protection in the state we live.

I already did in Wisconsin. They had 10 laptops at the Plymouth Wi Walmart store. They are baiting people in hopes of pulling off the switch where you by a more expensive one rather than leave the store without. If all they ever had was ten in stock it is proof they never had any intention of having a ample supply on hand.

All big ticket items at walmart were only 10 on hand. That is fraud. Please complain as I did to consumer protection in the state you live. Stood in line for over an hour and they were all gone in 20 seconds.

Handed to one customer at a time. All 10 I was number 13 in line.

We can bring them down. I have used consumer protection before and it does work if we can get a few dozen complaints.

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