Yorba Linda, California

in december my kids bought my wife and I a deep freeze to store freezer beef. We loaded it up with about $400.00 of beef and in July the freezer broke and ruined all the meet.

I took the freezer back to Walmart with my receipt and met the manager who told me the return policy as 90days. We reminded him that it was not really a return...but a defective freezer....he did nothing for us.

I came home and wrote to Walmart. About 2 hours later the manager called and "apologized"...didnt help me with the $700.00 loss of freezer and contents...but he did apologize.

That makes everything fine with me...Are these people nuts?

Now I have to drive 20 minutes from home to hit Target...worth the time and gas....

Sam has to be crapping his pants...

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Right, Walmart does not warranty the item. They just give you a chance to return it for 90 days.

That's not a warranty.

Contact the manufacturer. That's the way most stores do it, not just Walmart.


Once the 90 days are up, then it's time to contact the manufacturer of the freezer. After all, the manufacturer is the one responsible for any defects. With appliances such as a freezer, I would imagine the manufacturer would carry a warranty of at least a year.


You have to contact the manufacture of the freezer. When a store receipt expires you usually have a year warranty on these types of products through the manufacture.