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On April 3 I went to the O'Fallon, Mo, Walmart on Hwy K and about 4 pm on a Sunday and was trying on bra's when the elderly lady clerk, despite the fact that I had only been in the fitting room a few seconds, started unlocking and opening the fitting room door which had no privacy from the rest of the store.

I had no clothes on except my lower underware because I wore a long dress that day. I slammed the fitting room door closed and heard the clerk comment, "that woman almost took my fingers off!"

That only made me angrier, and after I hurriedly got dressed I came out of the fitting room and screamed at the woman "are you nuts!? You know I just went in there to try on bra's! Why didn't you knock?" She didn't even look at me, but muttered, about should have put a number on the door! All the other rooms were open!

I could expect this kind of stupidity from a younger person, but to find a 70 year old woman on a power trip?

Walmart just treats everyone like they are thieves with their store watchers... greeters.

Now everything had to be captured on camera since I screamed at the clerk when I came out and you know they have their camera's trained on the fitting room doors to catch shoplifters, but no came. So they don't care if I would have killed her!

The one bra I did get there itches me to death because they were too cheap to line them.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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They don't have cameras in the fitting room since people are trying on clothes! Its like putting a camera in the Bathroom grow up!! and for another thing Walmart don't make the bras you dumb ***!They only sell them.




They don't have some type of computer bank of monitors watching the store. This is WAL-MART, not some high security bank.

They have one single terminal, and one worker watching them, with a minimum of two security detail workers roaming the store. They can only watch one area or so at a time, even if there are plenty of cameras. They do RECORD everything, but they only pull it to view with purpose of having proof against someone a roamer catches.

It is common knowledge that the only real way you get caught stealing, for example, is if you are *** enough to do it near a man in brown khakis who is on his cellphone constantly, and staring at you and the others he walks by. They cannot do anything if you make it out of the store either.


LOL too funny give the little ol' ladie a break get some humor litin up :grin


she was 70 years old and you screamed at her???? where is your respect, she forgot to put a number on the door and forgot you were in there, she is 70 after all. it sounds like an honest mistake blown way out of proportion, and if you were really that mad, why did you buy anything?


lol, tooooooo funny!! why did u buy the bra after that happened to u?

U should have gone straight to a manager.

And who u calling cheap? your cheap *** bought the bra that makes u itchy, so stop your ***!


"The bra I did get..."

LMAO. It's hilarious that I read these complaints and there is nothing Wal-Mart can do to some people that would break their heroin-like addiction to Wal-Mart. They could beat you over the head with a bat and you would just buy more Band-Aids. No wonder they get away with the all the things they do. What do they have to lose?

They opened a dressing room door while you were changing. I'm pretty sure that is enough for anyone with even a sliver of pride to never shop there again.