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Wearing a mask is not something everyone can do. Masks are not laws but rather mandates.

I am not able to shop at Wal Mart in comfort anymore. This is discrimination against people like me.

User's recommendation: If you can, shop at farmees markets or online. Also look for lawsuits against being forced to wear masks. There are some an I have joined them.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Close by large selection.

Walmart Cons: Masks, Your discriminating against those that cannot wear a mask.

Location: 2801 W State Route 18, Tiffin, OH 44883

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It seems you don't understand a few BASIC things (1) Mandate = MANDATORY. (2) Businesses have the RIGHT to refuse to serve anyone who refuses to co-operate with MANDATORY rules they set to PROTECT both shoppers and workers.

This is NOT DISCRIMINATION. (3) If anyone has medical breathing issues that are so very severe that they warrant a claim of being unable to wear a simple little face mask, for only a few minutes, then they are NOT the member of the household whom should be elected to do the family shopping.


You and others like you are the reason this epidemic is still on-going. Ya can't be bothered to just put up with a minor inconvenience for a little while, to END the spread of the virus.

People who don't yet know they are Covid-19 positive are spreading it all over everything, by not wearing masks. Just shut the ---- up and do your part, so this can all finally end!

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