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Update by user Apr 11, 2013

Danielle, you have probably figured out already that the real Sears Guy is not the one posting those disgusting comments. This website has a flaw that allows nonregistered users to clone the ID of anyone posting and assume their identity.

If you follow it you should be able to tell which ones are the fakes, and which are real. I posted this as an observation of my years in retail, and it became a feeding ground for stalkers and harassers.

Update by user Mar 14, 2013

Note to any legitimate users on this thread: I have dealt with this sort of harassment online before at two other consumer websites. Screen captures have been made of the offending and harassing posts, as well as notice being made to the webmasters of this site.

I have also forwarded a complaint with copies of the posts to the police department as well as the local news channel about online harassment with the screen shots.

For now, I will no longer be posting on this topic, as I refuse to give the bullies any thing to play with.

Update by user Mar 14, 2013

OH MY GAWD! Nikki Sixx is posting on my page!

Seriously dude...now you are claiming to be Nikki Sixx???!!! Hahahaha....you really are delusional. If you really were tracking ISPs *** you would know that I am only using THIS handle. But that is ok.

I have already reported all of the posts that are not legitimate.

Have a nice life over at my3cents.

Oh, and the word is spelled BORED. Illiterate ***.

Update by user Mar 14, 2013

Thank you for all of the responses, especially the negative ones, since they essentially prove my point better than my post could on it's own.

To the impostor who is using a cloning of my ID to post, seriously. If you have the balls to say it, at least have the balls to own it. What is the point of making a comment if you can not tell who made it? Not only is is confusing, but it shows how cowardly you are. Get a backbone and be yourself. I appreciate the flattery, but I am confident enough without it.

Honestly I have used the same handle online for years, LadyScot. Everyone who sees my handle and knows my tone knows when I am the one commenting. I will never hide behind someone else's handle to comment. Be yourself. Your liver will thank you for it. (Did anyone get the liver reference? 5 points is you do).

Original review posted by user Mar 13, 2013

I have worked in the retail market for over 20 years, and thought I had seen it and heard it all. But these complaint websites prove just how wrong I was. I would like to take a few moments to address some of the most common complaints and to try to jog your common sense and to attempt to eradicate this horrendous ignorance the general public seems to have somehow adopted in the last 15 or so years.

1. "The shelves are empty and the store does not care" OR "they refuse to stock the shelves" OR "they never order what I want" or the many variations of this statement.

Let me take this issue in hand for you. First, to say that a store never stocks shelves is an outright lie, and you know you are spouting fabrications before you ever utter a word. If any store did not stock shelves there would be no customers, and you are in the store so obviously this is untrue.

While products may from time to time be out of stock, in the general scheme of things, there will always be product for you to buy. To imply that a business, in the business to make money I might add, would refuse to order stock to sell, to make money, is so ludicrous that you should hide your face and be ashamed for even letting something so *** pass your lips.

If an item is not stocked, there is a good reason, and if you use your noodle you can figure it out. Here, I will help. Out of stock means: someone got there before you, it is waiting to be stocked, it has been ordered and has not arrived yet, it is an assembly item that is not locally warehoused and must come from the manufacturer directly, it is out of stock with the manufacturer, it is on backorder or recall. If we can get it, we get it. We can not make it magically appear, and no matter how much you scream, cuss, throw a hissy, threaten to go elsewhere etc will not make it show up on the shelf. Accusing the employee of not doing their job only makes yourself look ***. Which brings us to my next point.

2. “You need to do your job” OR “you need to be retrained” OR “you don't know what you are doing” or any variation of this idiotic statement.

If you know my job so well, then clock in and do it. Otherwise, shut up. You do not work there, you do not know my job, you are not my manager so anything you say about my job ability is *** and makes you look ignorant. If you are not a department manager, or a pharmacy tech, or a doctor, or a vet, or a dentist, or an insurer, or a claims adjuster etc, then you have no idea what the *** you are talking about, so shut up already. How can you, who has no idea what the heck someone's job is, even think you have the skills to judge it? When you say things like to this to people, it is so hilarious, that I personally have laughed in people's faces, and once even handed a customer my badge, told her to get to work, and walked off. Seriously, you don't know jack.

This next one makes me furious, and makes me wonder at people's abject lack of common sense.

3. Cursing, yelling, degrading, abusing, harassing, assaulting retail employees is a big NO NO. Are you ***? Really, are you a complete and utter ***? You are number one, acting like an *** in public, and number two, you are talking down to someone you most likely have never seen before. Now, people who know me do not treat me like that, so what makes you think you have the right? Because I work in retail? Let me clue you in on something.

When you let your mouth overload your ***, you not only break the law, since I can have your rude, loud mouth arrested for verbal assault, but you literally take your life into your own hands. Really. Have you ever stopped to think that your malice may just be the straw that broke that cashier's back and sets her off on a murderous rampage? How the heck do you know this retail worker you are throwing cans at will not follow you home and kill you while you sleep? You have no idea just who you are dealing with standing in that line, and you have no idea if the person you are degrading or talking down to is a lunatic nut job. Not only is it dangerous, it is downright uncalled for. How would you like someone to treat you or your child that way on your or their job? Next time you start to disparage a retail workers character by attacking their job or their so called lack of education for having that job, you better ask yourself if you are ready to meet your maker. There are some nuts out there, and you may be in one's line.

My personal favorite, the dog in the grocery store people.

4. What the *** ever possessed you to ever think it is acceptable to take your dog into a grocery store? Unless that animal is a service animal, it does not belong where I buy my food. Who the heck are you people? I do not want to see *** and *** on the floor of the produce aisle, or dog hair on the apples. Leave your purse puppy at home for crying out loud. Not only do you look like a ***, you literally could kill someone. There are people with animal allergies that can be so severe they cause death, customers and workers alike. Shopping or work is the one place a person should not have to encounter an allergy. Stop acting so *** self entitled and leave your

pooch at home.

5. This one also goes to the allergy point....ladies, the perfume has GOT to go. People have allergies, and when you walk by us with that stinky stuff following you for 3 miles you are risking our life. How can you be so selfish? People can go into Anaphylactic shock with some of this stuff. STOP SPRAYING THE BODY SPRAY AND AXE!!!!!!

My next point drives me absolutely crazy...

6. Leaving your unwanted items all over the store. Seriously, if you do not want that raw chicken, why the *** would you leave it in the clothing department? Or that ice cream in the pharmacy OTC area...Are you that *** lazy or just plain ***? Not only does it cause unnecessary work for those who have better and more important things to do, you are wasting food. So the next time you start complaining to a cashier about the price of food, remember, YOU caused it. Put it back where you got it, OR be smart and GIVE IT TO A CASHIER, so that someone can put it back.

This one *** me off to no end...

7. THEIVES. Did you not know that we have you on camera stealing that stuff? Really? You think no one knows that YOU took those eyedrops, or that makeup, or that $25 Olay, or that $30 Nicorette? We are not ***. We have you on camera, we watch it, and everytime we see you come back we call the police. Someday, you will get caught. And seriously, everytime I find an empty condom box, I wish that every one breaks on you. That abortion will cost you a *** of a lot more than those condoms. And why the *** can you not take the empty freaking box with you? WHY do you have to leave it for ME to clean up??

People and their kids...

8. I raised my kids. It is not my job to watch yours while you shop. If we see little Bobby and little Susie running wild, we call the police and the department of children's services and report you. It is especially gratifying if we have your name from the food stamp card or debit card you use, since it is captured on the camera. Watch your kids. Do not let then run wild all over the *** store.

The food stamp ***

9. Now, before you get your panties in a wad, let me explain that I understand that there are people who need help, and I do not mind that at all. What I do mind, is those holier and better than thou *** who come in the store dressed to the nines driving Hummers wearing 10 pounds of gold and load up on junk that I can not afford working my *** off, then giving me attitude and being rude while I am having to pay for it. No, I did not take you to raise, and if you had any self respect you would get off your *** and get a job, or keep your legs closed and stop punching out welfare babies. The government should make it mandatory to have either a legitimate, PHYSICAL disability/or a job to get food stamps. If you have another kid while on food stamps, then you should LOSE the assistance. If you use a food stamp, remember that the people at the checkout are the ones working to pay for your food. Treat them with respect.

The pharmacy is a whole different ball game entirely. Here are some points you need to know:

A. First and most important, the pharmacy staff deserves to breaks and lunch just like you do. When the pharmacy is closed, and it closes the same time every day and it is posted on the wall for you see, do not show your *** and complain about how much you need your meds. Everyone else needs theirs too, and you are not special.

B. No, the store manager can NOT get your prescription for you. ONLY pharmacy staff are allowed in the pharmacy, and ONLY when a pharmacist is on site. ONLY a pharmacist can release your meds.

C. ONLY a pharmacist or a pharmacy tech can fill your meds. Do not insist they get someone 'from the store' to come help. Use your brain. Do you really want a janitor filling your script? He would not not know your Metformin from your Cumadin.

D.When you are told the wait time is 30 minutes to a couple hours, screaming and yelling, and insisting you are in pain is not going to make the process any faster. Every one needs their medication, most are in pain too, and sometimes you just have to wait.

E. No, we can NOT just grab it from the shelf and put your name on it. Jesus. I have been asked that so many time. OR, “all you have to do is pull it from the shelf. It is in a blue pack”. Seriously people.

F. Do not even try the old “You shorted me 10 pills”. It NEVER happens on blood pressure medications or diabetic meds...ONLY controlled substances. Do you really think we forget how to count when you have a narcotic script?

G. No, we will not tell you we have narcotics in stock even if we do.

H. We are not your insurance, so yelling at us when they deny your claim is unreasonable. When your medication costs more than last year, that was THEN. After January 1, it starts over. Medication price increases, your deductible starts over, your policy changes etc. Most of the time, we have no idea what the reason is, so yelling at us or expecting us to know what the issue is is ridiculous. CALL YOUR INSURANCE. WE do not make up your price, your policy decides it, so if it is more than you expect, CALL THEM and ask WHY.

I. The medication is free or cheaper somewhere else....Welcome to the free market. No pharmacy is required to have the same price. Shop around, and get over it. WE do not care how much it costs at CVS, and CVS could care less how much we charge.

J. The HIPPA law...People, when there is someone at the pick up or drop off window, DO NOT WALK UP RIGHT BEHIND THEM. You are being rude, nosy, and breaking the HIPPA privacy law. The same law YOU expect US to follow when it is your turn. Unless you want us to loudly proclaim your medications and information to the waiting public, give those ahead of you the same privacy you expect.

K. When we give you your price, do not get all indignant and belligerent. If it sounds like too much, calmly ask if we filled generic or brand, and if it is cash or insurance. MOST of the pharmacy software on the market today defaults to the last used payment method. If you did not have your insurance card the last time, and paid cash, the system may not revert to insurance this time. We can fix it easily. Don't act like we did something wrong when YOU fail to provide us with your insurance, and don't act like we are supposed to know you wanted to bill insurance. Also, when we ask if you have insurance, we are not being nosy. We just want to know how you want to bill your script.

L. Your doctor does NOT work at the pharmacy, so when he tells you that your medication will be ready when you get here, use your common sense. HOW WOULD HE KNOW? HE does not know how many scripts we have in front of you. IF we tell you that your doctor has not yet called or faxed in the script, it is true. WE DO NOT HAVE IT YET. We do not care if your doctor told you he was going to do it right then. He didn't. Do you really think we stand there all day refusing to fill scripts? Seriously. We are a pharmacy, but we are in BUSINESS to make MONEY. No filling means NO MONEY. Use your head.

M. When we tell you we can not check out your buggy full of merchandise, do NOT give us attitude. If we are playing cashier, we are NOT filling your script. Be courteous to those waiting, as others were courteous before you. Not only do you know better, come on...You know you are being unreasonable. GO TO THE CHECKOUT.

That is the crux of it. Do not be this kind of person. Act like you have some sense when you go into a store or pharmacy. And remember, you get what you give. If you act rude, don't cry when you get rudeness.

Any comments or stories of your own?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prescription Refill.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Location: Naples, Florida

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I'm pretty sure that LadyScot is Christina Holden. She's a self-important b----h who works at Zoom Tan in charge of their leases at their corporate headquarters in Naples, Florida.

She really is a snot. Looks like she has a criminal record too http://criminalfaces.com/arrests/christina-marie-holden_598****.html not surprising, since she works at Zoom Tan.


When you took the screenshots and sent to the police department, did you also send them screenshots of your own postings here where you bully and insult others???


I don't bully. I state fact.


Lots of people on this site mistake stating fact as bullying. They need to grow a pair.


I loved this post!!! It literally hit it all on the head.

I have personally seen each of these behaviors in public. Each and every customer I have seen doing those behaviors thinks they are the ONLY special snowflake in EXISTENCE!! I wish there was an actual handbook for consumers on HOW to behave in public. I personally LOVED the part about abusing retail workers.

SO TRUE!!!! And let me add this, NO BUSINESS is going to fire an employee for following the company policies. THATS THEIR JOB!!! I myself realized that I COULD cause so much chaos and damage to those shoppers lives.

Like retarded sloths they give out so much information when they call and complain. Or email and complain. Theres been a few times that I myself have wanted to use that info to cause the ACTUAL damage to THEM that they seek to cause to me. But being professional is the only thing that gets you through the day so I dont.


SO that part of the post REALLY needs to be highlighted so customers understand that WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS!!!! NOT ROBOTS who have developed some form of malfunction because we dont give a shopper thier way.


I love this guy! You are spot on. To the belly moaning *** - work retail (if you can) and then come back and try attacking again.


Oh wow you are an opinionated piece of Crenshaw are you not! Well lady you got big brass bells don't did your camera catch all the managers miss pricing items all over there stores to get a bonus!

Ripping off disabled people wow you should be proud! Now wasn't I nice oh lady you should shave!


Price changes are automatically downloaded to the store. All we do is print the label. And honey, if you ever see a manager doing anything that remotely looks like work, I will kiss your a.s.s.


Are you just someone who wants to control people's lives? So what, some people wear cologne, perfume, and body spray.

Not all of us want to smell like sweat and old cooch. Some of your complaints have nothing to do with retail or dealing with customers, just you being mean and grouchy and trying to control how people live, act and think.


Everything I posted is a fact that has been witnessed time and again by me. And honey, if you take a bath you won't smell like old cooch. Trust me, all that perfume does not hide your odor.


LadyScot, thank you for posting this. This is a well thought out post.

It's kind of weird how some parents refuse to do their job and expect employees to babysit. It seems like they would let just anyone babysit their kid(s), which I don't understand. That's like allowing just anyone to shake paint, cut fabric, do a license, and as you said, fill prescriptions. People are free to get something else or to just go somewhere else.

There's no need to be rude and to get extremely impatient with the clerks. I hate it when people say that it's good news that someone innocent has died.

It's not your job to say that and frankly it says a lot about their character. A person can only be teased so much.


You were talking about the hippa law well it goes both ways....When you or your pharmacist yell at a person and annoce no i will not fill your script of (place the name of any controlled drug here)for you.You embarass the person who has the legal script. given to them by their m.

d. legally.When you yell out the name of the drug they are on well that is breaking the hippa law also.Get over yourself already.


Good News it was recently reported that LadyScot was found half eaten by her dog after dying while trolling pissedconsumer. She had been dead for more than a week before a neighbor called the police about a odor that was worse than usual coming the old hags home.




mam you have a great observation of the wrongs in the retail buisness im sorry that many people dont agree with them however i can tell you i know alot of people that go through that *** day in and day out and would probably chuckle on how true these facts are.


R.I.P. ladyscot and thanks for giving everyone else some peace too Give our sympathies to saytan.


"500" Bullsh*t's :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


LMFAO! I agree LadyScot is a crazy hag!


Anyone that is incapable of making a statement without the use of foul language has below average intelligence, the use of curse words speaks volumes of 'ladyscot's' lack of character.


your inbreeding is evident by your rant ladyscot. this is why there are laws against siblings breeding... :eek

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