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Went to pick up a moneygram and were told that the sender didnt put a middle name ,so therefore my wife couldnt pick up the money. She had a valid d.l.,all senders info, reference # ,amount, and had picked up as many as 20 of the same transactions, without any middle name.

After going through customers service managers, shift managers, we finally got to the asst gm, who wasnt even open minded enough to let us talk. Not one person had the fortitude to check the policy..We were treated as if we were trying to get something that didnt belong to us. The employeex got progressively more rude and seemed to be enjoying theirselves at our expense. Finally after it got a little heated and it was obvious they had no desire to help , i was told to leave the store, which i did immediately .

The asst. manager called the police ,for what reason is something that needs to be addressed. There was no threats, no profanity, and when i was asked to leave i did. We were humiliated, intimidated and just in shock.

. It turns out we were right, and the gm said for us to come back in and we would be apologized to, as well as compensated.

We drove 80 mile round trip and got no apology and a $20 gift card. Walmart could careless about customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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