Tremonton, Utah
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Visiting from NZ. Last night I purchased groceries at this Walmart with my daughter.

I had some beer in my order. I am 62 yrs old and was asked for ID, which I produced. My daughter, who is 38, was asked for ID and she went out to the RV to get hers but found it was back at our hotel. Beer purchase refused, as she couldn't also produce ID as well as mine.

My husband came along with his ID, he is 65, again refused, as he was with us!!! Our son in law who is 38 went back into the store purchased the beer and was NOT asked for ID.

What a rediculous rule what does a mother do with teenage children? Can she not buy beer?!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It is not a rule for them it is the law genius.


Maybe, maybe not but they could have made an exception, my daughter did not know she had to bring her ID. But it turns out they did ask my son in law for ID, only we did not see this.

You see the reason I did not believe that he was charged is because we are black and he is white, and they probably thought we were going to drink and drive because we are black. Is it the law, don't know more like discrimination.


You need to shut your piehole. Your trolling here and insulting people has gone on long enough! Someone needs to report your parents or guardian to Child Protective Services because clearly, you are not being watched the way a child should be.


I am 20 years old, and I am not trolling, just stating the truth. It can be harsh sometimes but that is what people get when they make silly complaints.

You are the one that needs to be reported to the police for following around what you suspect is a minor from post to post.

Also if anyone is acting like a child it is you. Perhaps this is so so that people can think you are one so you can prey on kids and stalk what you think are more kids without people arrising to suspecion?


What about your insulting other maybe someone needs to report your parent to CPS. If they did they would find out you are only pretending to be young so you can stalk what you think are teenagers online. Too scared to post your location, well the cops can find that out if you are doing what I suspect you are doing.


Like I say to all you complainers, There's usually a Target right down the street.