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On 2-25-17 i had a oil change done. month half later im coming from work Sac to Clk and my suv smokes and dies .

When i checked the oil it was bone dry. i had a qaurt in car to get home, my car is now destroyed due to no oil. So your responsible there was not one drop in vehicle. Someone at the auto shop did not put oil back in.

Qc or no Qc they skipped it that day . There is no posssble way it should been bone dry, Because of walmart auto i have to barrow vehicle for work . And no there was no leak. Walmart exect.

came out to myu house and verified no leak . now i call and email to see what going on none answered email then when i finally got call answered this yahoo hung up.

So channell 2 will be going to walmart to investigate . I want my veicle repaired or replaced now.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Reason of review: not putting all the oil in.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Oh please.


I highly doubt that. Even after you get an oil change, ALWAYS check your oil regularly.

Oil leaks can happen. And it would be hard to prove that Walmart didn't put oil in your vehicle.


I don't think they left the oil out. If they had your oil pressure light would have been on when you picked up your vehicle.

Your vehicle would have failed before a month and a half with no oil.

You were either leaking or burning oil. Seem's like you would check your oil occasionally as well.


Do you really think you could drive your car for over a month with no oil???