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i took my car to walmart auto center to get the oil change done.then when i check out and get my invoice i was told that the drain plug was stripped then it needs a service i took it to my trusted mechanic to check it out,well he found that the drain plug was not even tighten.he took it out with his i did replaced the whole oil panel that cost me $700. i took the bill to walmart auto center to see what they could do for me about it.but unfortunately they did not cooperate they said there is nothing we can do.and we did not stripped the drain plug.even i showed them the proofs of last invoices.they are the only one who touched it.

i wont come back that was my worst experience. Never take your car to there

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Feel your pain....Same thing occurred with me. Stripped pan and plug threads.

Covered up with bright red expanding foam. Still leaked with foam. Too obvious to not be laughable. Took to Toyota dealer and they said "YEP" ..a complete screw up and even worse tried to cover up and not disclose anything was wrong.

Brand new oil pan replaced by Toyota.....but....yes.

Walmart had no choice....they paid up and made it right. Was a nightmare....Use caution at the great American Store.