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Just happened to me yesterday. Got my oil changed drove to Perry and green co.

Came back went to Walmart a second time to pick something up. Left there car started sounding strange stopped at dollar store close to Walmart looked under hood due to smoke and strange noise saw oil everywhere. Drove back to Walmart manager came outside looked under hood n discovered the oil cap was not placed back. They cleaned under hood not too good cause it was still leaking oil n smoking.

Got half way down the road n car started jerking not wanting to go. Called back n manager came to regions back not too far from Walmart n discovered the belt fell off due to amount of oil that leaked from engine car was running hot! He called tow truck now my car is sitting in parking lot of Walmart on49 Hattiesburg ms waiting to be pulled to Nissan of Hattiesburg to be repaired.

They have more than a belt to fix and if it's not running right after it's fixed I will be seeking other avenues to rectify the situation. Never will I go there again for a oil gotta find a way to work until someone rents me a car "Walmart " til mine is fixed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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