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My son took his 1997 Honda Accord to Walmart Tire and Lube Express in Cartersville,GA this past Friday, Dec. 5 for an oil change.

Upon check out, he was told his tires were due for a rotation, but other than that, all was well. She checked this on the receipt. Shortly after leaving the service center, he heard a loud knocking coming from under the hood and then noticed the oil light was on. He pulled over and called me.

I told him to check the oil and he said it wouldn't even register, the stick was dry. I told him to wait and I would call Walmart. The Walmart service manager said he would go check it out. After waiting 2 hours, my 17 year old son decided to walk to a truck stop and purchased 2 quarts of oil.

He put them in the oil reservoir thinking maybe the man wasn't coming. When he turned on the car, he realized the knocking was still there so he called me again. I told him to be patient the man was almost there. Upon arrival (2 hours after I called), the service manager told my son to back the car closer to a ditch so he could get a better look underneath the car.

He told my son he really didn't know what was wrong with it and called me. He told me that Walmart would have it towed by Martin's Garage to my home, and that Walmart would pay for the tow and then file a claim. He told my son, "Evidently we forgot to put all the oil in the car. Don't worry we'll get you back on the road as soon as possible and we'll pay for everything." He took pictures of the car, the engine, the 2 empty oil containers, and the receipt.

He never gave the receipt back to my son. Two hours later, the tow truck showed up and brought my son and his car to our home. He went all the way to Walmart first to get paid and then brought him home - which means my son was stranded from approximately 3:30-7:30 PM. On Monday, Dec 8th, I received a call from the insurance agent.

The insurance agent, Joshua Ray, told me that Walmart had a video showing oil was added, and after reviewing the receipt, it appeared that the car had a knocking when we brought it in, a leak in the transmission, and a cracked windshield. Therefore, Walmart nor the insurance company would be able to help us or pay for any repairs. This was never verbally mentioned at all while at the service center or while stuck on the road. The car does have a crack in the windshield, but prior to this service visit, we never heard any knocking or saw any leaks.

We had no trouble with the car at all prior to the service visit. In addition, I called the service manager back and discussed further with him. Since he clearly heard the knocking sound when he made the road visit, I asked him, "Considering the loud knocking sound you heard, would you have changed the oil or serviced the car?" His answer was an emphatic, "No not me personally. I would not have serviced that car with it sounding like that." We are at a loss for words and completely stunned.

I can only assume that the paperwork may have been changed since the only copy we had was taken back to Walmart. We have not seen a copy of the video but plan to request one.

I'm not really even sure what to ask other than we plead for you to help us try to get some kind of repair help and/or compensation for my son's car. This is his only mode of transportation to school. He was seeking a job, but without a car, is now at a standstill.

We also would appreciate your help in investigating this service center to see if this has happened before or is just common practice. We are just so disappointed and in disbelief.

We had a great running car, took it in for an oil change, and now the car is not drivable. We believe the engine is ruined.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Reason of review: ruined car engine.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

Preferred solution: Pay for all repairs to get my engine rebuilt or replaced ASAP.

Walmart Cons: Service managertechs - dishonest, Dishonest employees, Incompetent technicians.

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It is so disheartening and really sickening to hear so many others dealing with these disastrous but common mishaps at Walmart automotive tire centers! I wish I had good news to tell you but we contacted law firms as well as consumer affairs and new stations across the state.

Unfortunately they all hit a brick wall as well because of Walmart's tight-lipped junk. So our car was a total loss and we sold it for scrap parts.

I hope others have better fortune. I believe you reap what you sow therefore it's just a matter of time for Walmart.


I had same issues with this service center... went to get tires rotated sat for two hours...

this so called tech cam in a said the tires are worn out... he said it had a high spot... said the tires were out of chamber... had them checked at the dealership went back the same day...

they had no idea.... these guys are not mechanics... they are shade tree mechanics... and do things like happened to you...

Ive had several run in's with the Cartersville walmart...the tire manager has no mechanical experience... neither do the senior techs....


Please contact me. I am going through almost the same headache right now.

Only my car was a mechanically flawless 2010 Sebring Convertible. I am devastated.


it is impossible to change the comments section on the paperwork once it is submitted. Request a copy of the paperwork for a record of all comments, this can be obtained at any Walmart TLE department as long as you provide your vehicle information and phone number


Yes, we did request a copy and were told "we're not allowed to give you that" - so we assume it was changed before submission



That is so awful! They place the problem on your son but don't mention to him that there was a problem to begin with. That is just crazy and I was wondering if this ever got any good results out of it.


Nope, never got results - had to sell the car for parts - son was so sad - loved his great car, but only got to drive it a few months - most Hondas will drive forever, but Walmart ruined his :(