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I took my Explorer to Walmart for an oil change. After being gone 30 minutes, a tech calls me and tells me to come back because the service is done but they cant get my truck into gear.

Its an automatic keep in mind. He asks me on the phone if Ive ever had a problem getting it gear, to which my obvious reply was no. I return to the store, go out to the service bay to get in my vehicle to find the entire shifter handle broken completely off the steering column. So I cant get the keys out, I obviously cant drive it, and in asking what happened, the “manager” says, it broke.

OK I bring you a functioning vehicle, you pulled it in to do the service and then in attempting to pull it out, you break the shifter off. My first thought, how hard does one have to pull to break this thing off? What *** did this? So, 3 weeks later, Im STILL fighting with Walmart about this.

The insurance company now wants me to tow it to a garage to get a ‘shop report’. Why? To prove they broke it. That’s right.

The video of that night in the service bay, you guessed it, hasn’t appeared. What about this is right or fair? You damage my truck, on your property by one your paid ‘techs’, and I use that term very loosely. Where is this my fault?

Where does this fall under my problem? Why should I incur ANY expense here?

Any attorneys out there wanna be a thorn in the side of the all mighty Wal-Mart. Im at a loss here…..Help me understand.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Reason of review: Other issue.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: FIX IT!.

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Doesn't automatically mean they wanna pay it either. "tech" has probably already been let go to tell his family of his mistake and future inability to feed them. What more do YOU want?


It's not his problem what happens to tech, HE just wants his truck fixed