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On June 3, 2011 at or around 9:30 am I went to the Kemah Walmart in order to meet with the store manager Brandon. I decided to have my 97' Thunderbird be serviced for an oil change and tire pressure checked.

At 9:41 Brandon escorted me back to the automotive section of the store where they were pulling out my vehicle. I climbed in the driver seay prior to the ttech turning the vehicle off. I pressed on the gas pedal and my vehicle was hesitant to go so before leaving the parking lot I pulled over put the car in park and back into drive and exited. Not even a block away the vehicle begins a strong odor of rubber burning.

I pull into Days Inn & Suites and call Brandon Jensen and tell him he needs to have someone come look at my car. The manager Shaun and a tech come out and agree they smell the same odor I do. They begin to take pictures and have me write a formal statement. They agree to have my vehicle towed and inspected by Mcree Ford in Dickinson.

Once the wrecker appears Shawn and the tech leave. The wrecker's name is Josh with fiesta towing (his phone number is 832-259-5216). Josh then shows me the puddle of oil under neath my car. I call Brandon Jensen back to ask if he wants to send Shawn back out.

10 minutes later Shawn and the tech show up and briefly look under the car as it was hooked up. I ride with Josh to Mcree and explain the situation. Donnie my service writer states they will not be able to look at it until Monday. I ask for a loaner they tell me I do not qualify because I did not purchase the vehicle from them directly.

I call Brandon and he sends Shawn to give me a ride home. Shawn tells me how sorry he is and if he can do anything to let him know. I was told being as they filed a claim I would have to contact a CMI> I call and speak to a supervisor I forget his name but he states he will not approve a rental until vehicle is diagnosised. I call back Donnie and a man by the name of Dane sets me up with a vehicle I can pick up on Saturday.

Saturday I have Jack Brennan give me a ride and go pick up the vehicle. On Monday at about 9 again I go meet with Brandon as he agreed to refund me 120.83 for all the overcharges Walmart charged me within a months time. After receiving the money I get a strange phone call right infront of Brandon Jensen, Debbie the claims adjuster states there is nothing wrong with my vehicle and they will not be paying for the car I am in. I hang up and state I will get a lawyer.

She calls back and I hang up on her again. I then talk to Donnie and he states Debbie contacted him this morning stating that the he doesnt need to waste his time as the emergency brake was on and that is why I had to oil leak, burning smell, and vehicle would not exceed thirty miles an hour. Donnie proceeds to tell Debbie what about the oil leak and Debbie states that if I would like the vehicle looked at it will be at my cost. Brandon Jensen and Shawn both assured me that my vehicle would be taken care of now they say there is nothing they can do.

Why did they pay 140 dollars to have my vehicle towed if they were not going to have the vehicle looked at? The problem is if my emergency brake would of been left on the indicator light would of appearred. I do not appreciate being lied to or the fact that they refuse to even have the vehicle looked at to ensure no safety issues have occurred. What is happening is they are trying to deny any wrong doing and now making up stories.

Josh the tow guy has pictures he took at the hotel before the car moved that indicate oil all over the wires below the engine and a puddle of oil underneath that. I need help as lawyers state they cannot be involved.

You may reach Brandon Jensen (store manager) Shawn (manager) at 281-538-9778 or Debbie the CMI at 479-621-2900 or her supervisor the one I initally talked to on fridat at 479-621-2900 ext 250806. I wrote this to the BBB.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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Ford said I had a leak from my rear main seal and that the oil pan and plug was stripped basically the oil i had just paid for went right back has refused to pay for loss wages infact getting them to pay for just the the oil pan and plug plus labor was a little over seven hundred dollars and that was like pulling states once they submit a claim there is nothing they can do. The insurance lady well she stated several things one of which being that they did not pay for loss wages unless you use the vehicle as a taxi pretty much.

I tried contacting the bbb and the only responce i ever got from them was an email. Since my vehicle was returned to me I am having to add coolant every week however no oil leak so I guess its a loss cause at this point


I'm so sorry this happened to you it is not the first time I have heard of this happening at walmart


Personally given the circumstance I do not feel as if I was rude to anyone. No one has gone out of their way to help me in fact the miscommunication only makes things harder to understand.

The marketing manager this morning at 741 basically told me it wasnt her problem and I just had to deal with it. I complained because I have left messages with the CMI and had no return call. I think it is more appropriate to hang up verses saying nasty things. Considering I also have had to miss almost a week of work I was given the choice of handing in my resignation or being asked to leave the company.

So now I am out a car (for the moment), a job, a pay check, and several hundreds of dollars....You tell me who is going to pay for my girls summer camp now or better yet how about rent next month.

Considering all that has happened I have been more that my fair share of nice. I feel like things like this should never happen.


Actually diagnosis came in today total repairs with parts and labor are 1324.15 the main problem is the oil pan plug striped and leaking-repair is to replace oil pan gasket and perform new oil change. Also I now have leaking from main seal.

The CMI has agreed to pay for the oil pan and gasket but nothing else. The BBB contacted a lawyer for me whom I am to meet with tomorrow.

The Regional Manager for Walmart also contacted me today via phone conference and assurred me they would do everything within their power to make this right. However from my short experience what they say and do differ.

John N

I must have missed something but what did the Ford dealer diagnose the problem as? If the parking brake was on, it would cause the smell and the inability to move very fast.

The oil all over the engine compartment could be caused by careless Walmart employees as they drained and/or filled the oil reservoir. They may have used a suction pump to drain the oil instead of taking off the drain plug. If you are not careful, you can dump alot of oil onto the engine as you pull out the pump line.

In any event, I get the impression you were rather rude to at least one person, eg., hanging up on her.

Bottom line: an attorney will represent you but may want a retainer to start. If you really thing you were wronged by Walmart, hire a barrister.