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The guy above saying he lost his car, house, boat, girlfriend, kids and blah blah blah........ Cmon dude, thats BS.

Your telling me you had money on a card, that was being replaced, and you couldnt figure out a way to transfer money through a 3rd party app, even when your entire livelihood was on the line. Ive lost my card SEVERAL times and always just looked at the app for my balance, transferred that balance through PayPal with "friends and family", and had the person transfer it back to my paypal so i could have instant access to it. May cost about 15 bucks per 1000$ if you dont have a balance in PayPal to back it. And if you dont need it right that second, a standard 1-3 day transfer to your own paypal balance is free, no family required.

This is only one of a few options....... Theres cash app, Zelle, transfer to Ally account then send it somewhere. These are onky the CASH options, your new routing acct number is avail from the direct deposit form in thw WalMart money app, use that info to write eChecks so your whole world wont collapse(im pretty sure at least one of those cars or condos and call girls you lost would accept an online payment, and its free). Im not saying it didnt cause you a headache, but stop with the BS stories to get pity from Anons on the web.

Tone it down if you want people to believe you, nobody hit rock bottom and lost it all because MoneyCard didnt change their address homie.

Okay, rant over. Im not pissed at MoneyCard, but i need more compatibility with all the great card/saving/bill paying/stock and crypto services out there. Google Pay compatibility would be nice. I also got my number hacked/stolen or whatever you call it, that was truly a hardship since tgat actually leaves you with no money in the account and MoneyCard doesnt take anyones word over any ttansaction, so all you money is locked down for 9 days.

Other tgan that, this is an essentially free account for people that either burned a brick and mortar bank and needs a couple years before being abke aquiring an account. It lets people with shot credit do things like everyone else in the world, like pay bills paperless, shop online, get paychecks direct and even rented cars. And if you get direct deposit, exluding the 5$ up front fee, you can truly use the account for FREE. Nowadays im older and wiser, i have a real bank account and good credit.

I ttanfer money from capital one to PayPal the slow and free way, then withdrawal it to walmart card, averting any fees along the way and i have an extra card that i shop online with and be stupid with because it cant overdraft. All thkse stuoid apps that you bought that auto debit, or kids intrument rentals or whatever you have to set up as autopay, use this card and protect your real bank account from overdraft due to forgetfulness or impulsiveness.

Great card, poor customer service but it gets the job done eventuallu, pretty good app and i LOVE the vault feature, plus i get about 10 bucks cash back, in form of actual money, about every month. And u havent paid a penny of fees in a year or so now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Moneycard Prepaid Card.

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