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Update by user Jun 20, 2012

This was in Springdale, AR. The location shows Germany because I use T-Mobile (who is based in Germany) as my ISP.

Original review posted by user Jun 20, 2012

The Walmart on 2004 Pleasant Blvd. does not offer dedicated parking for expecting mothers.

Because the parking lot was very full and I did not want to walk a long way with my "little one", I parked in the handicapped spot. I know this was a mistake, but what Wal-Mart did was even worse. I was only in the store 15 minutes (5 minutes getting milk and shampoo, 10 minutes checking out). When I came out, my car was gone.

I freaked out. I went the the customer service desk and some snooty manager came over and said they contract a private company to patrol the parking lot and that MY car was probably towed. MY CAR! He could have given me a warning but no - Wal-Mart decided to TOW A PAYING CUSTOMER!

In addition to having my car towed, I now had to pay a Taxi to pick up my car, and now I am stuck with a $50 towing charge, $25 storage fee, and a $200 fine.

I went back to this location to see if Wal-Mart would help me with the fine. They again OUTRIGHT REFUSED.

My husband works at Wal-Mart's Home Office and he knows that Wal-Mart shouldn't treat customers like this. I told him about this and I know the manager of this store can't be proud of the company towing paying customers from the store's lot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pick Up Service.

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Y’all mean as *** so brainwashed. Yep slaves to the system!

That’s what y’all are ! Don’t worry WAL-MART is with FEMA going have y’all locked up


If you know the law then you know that your car would have gotten towed it doesn't matter if you're pregnant with quadruplets the law's the law there are no exceptions.


I hate how pregant *** think that people care about their *** baby. No one cares. There are people who need the handicap spot because they are handicap, DUH


This was a troll post. If you had read the comments below first you would have known that.


Good, I'm glad the refused to pay the fine. You knew it was wrong to park in a handicap spot and did it anyway. Deal with the consequences of your actions.


*** walmart up the ***!! Thanks!!


The location is based on ISP - not location. Because I am located within the Pittsburgh Market for Cable and TV and my ISP has a base in Pittsburgh, my location shows up as Pittsburgh even though I don't live within the Pittsburgh city lines.


"Only once did it list another location for my home. The rest says SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS"

that's a lie


Only once did it list another location for my home. The rest says SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS


Here's how the (Wally)world works: You park in a Handicap spot without a tag, and you get towed. They do not search around for the violator to see if there is a possible exception to be made. Just because you're pregnant (congrats) doesn't mean you have to be naive.


"Berlin, BERLIN, Germany :x for someone from Arkansas????? :eek :eek "

The same person who it says Berlin, Berlin, Germany also has says they are from Chicago.

If you know how to read I have had my username once in a while saying other locations, once it even said Spain.



For pete's sake,


This is a MADE UP complaint!

Didn't you even notice the name and address of the OP? :?

Jedi says that the locations are inaccurate, but ...

Berlin, BERLIN, Germany :x for someone from Arkansas????? :eek :eek

Don't be so gulible about what people post in someone else's name!!!! :eek :grin :eek


You were not handicapped, you did not have the tag/hang tag to allow you to park in the handicapped spot. Pregnancy is not a handicap and designated parking for expectant mothers is not a right, however people with disabilities that prohibit them from walking long distances or they need to have the wider spot to get a wheelchair out is a right per the ADA.

I have family members that have not been able to use the designated handicap parking because people just like you park there because it is closer to the store.

I am sorry but you get no sympathy from me. This was your own fault and it is the LAW that only parking is allowed with permit as it plainly states on the sign in front of where you parked. Yes Walmart can be rude, but they are not at fault in this situation.

If you do not have a permit to park there, don't. If you can't walk because you are pregnant, get your doctor to give you a temporary permit.


At least your complaint is valid Carly, once the bathing suit is not returned it is still yours so she had no right telling you you could not take the bathing suit with you while you were in the store.


Although parking in a handicap spot is not the right way to go i have had trouble with walmarts politness in the past in fact just a month ago i was trying to return a bathing suit that my daughter diddnt like and i asked the greeter lady what to do and she said i would have to wait in the return line so i walked over to the return line and there was a HUGE line it would have been a 2 hour wait just to return something and i had to go pick up my daughter from soccer practice so i decided to return it another day and went to get some food for dinner when the greeter came over to me and started yelling at me she said that i couldnt purchase anything until i returned the bathing suit all in all i havent been to walmart since and i had my husbamd go back the next day


Face it Queenlea you are not getting fat because you are pregnant, you are getting fat from frequenting fast food restaurants for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, tea, snack, ect, midnight snack.


LA Lady and WarHammer, you'll have the ignore the anonymous inbred from Mississippi. he's an unstable person that will go nuts at any moment.

he doesn't care about anyone except for himself and his personal needs. also, don't bother replying to him because he won't understand you.

he's a little on the slow side, unfortunately. especially since he fails to realize that MsLea is insane, whether this topic was fake or not.


1 - I'm not saying that I was in the right, but neither was Wal-Mart. Did they really have to tow my car?

If they knew the circumstances of why I parked in the handicapped spot I bet they wouldn't have towed me. Also, if it wasn't for the long lines at the registers, I wouldn't have been in that spot very long.

2 - Stop using my posts to trash me.

I am reporting any negative comments about me to the site administraitors. This is the real MrsLea so stop claming that I am not real and that I am making the whole thing up.


Don't laugh at the OP. Ethan works hard creating these posts.