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Update by user Jun 20, 2012

This was in Springdale, AR. The location shows Germany because I use T-Mobile (who is based in Germany) as my ISP.

Original review posted by user Jun 20, 2012

The Walmart on 2004 Pleasant Blvd. does not offer dedicated parking for expecting mothers.

Because the parking lot was very full and I did not want to walk a long way with my "little one", I parked in the handicapped spot. I know this was a mistake, but what Wal-Mart did was even worse. I was only in the store 15 minutes (5 minutes getting milk and shampoo, 10 minutes checking out). When I came out, my car was gone.

I freaked out. I went the the customer service desk and some snooty manager came over and said they contract a private company to patrol the parking lot and that MY car was probably towed. MY CAR! He could have given me a warning but no - Wal-Mart decided to TOW A PAYING CUSTOMER!

In addition to having my car towed, I now had to pay a Taxi to pick up my car, and now I am stuck with a $50 towing charge, $25 storage fee, and a $200 fine.

I went back to this location to see if Wal-Mart would help me with the fine. They again OUTRIGHT REFUSED.

My husband works at Wal-Mart's Home Office and he knows that Wal-Mart shouldn't treat customers like this. I told him about this and I know the manager of this store can't be proud of the company towing paying customers from the store's lot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pick Up Service.

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Good. I'm glad they towed you. People like you think you can get away with that *** and then you whine when someone calls you on it.


Sorry about your luck. You're pregnant NOT disabled.

Why would you think you could park your car in that area with no retribution! Get a life!


MsLea aka Expectingnothing. you're a joke so just give it up already.

no one is going to listen to you and your fake stories/complaints anymore. go find a real man for once.


Look....Who gives a *** if yur pregnat? Yuh have to play fair with the rest of us.

Yur selfish! Maybe someone that was really handicap needed that spot!! I agree with Hollins1.!! This is babies-r-us you brat!

You have not taught yur "little one" anything.

Quit yur ***...Yuh deserved to be towed yuh ***! My step mother had 3 kids and was expecting one and ***...she never parked in the handicap spot!!


You don't own a username you. Does this mean if a real pregnant woman is expecting a baby you can sue them for using the title expecting1 no. You don't own these usernames and if anyone should be suing it should be Michelle for being bullied by you as well as the other employees you fired and if your husband really made them bend the rules for you than he should be fired.(assuming you have one at all.)


Your stories are all fake that you don't know what you even posted. You complained about how Walmart did not pave their driveways of snow. Don't even try to deny it because that post was by you and lists the location as Spring Dald Arkansas


Bruce, I was talking about a winter snowstorm.


Yes, but they are using my entire username and making it like the posts are coming from me. Not mention they are listing events that never happened. That is slander.


First of all I doubt you are married and even have a husband. If fact I doubt you are much older than I am.

Most likely my age give a few four years older or younger. So slandering your make belief life is not really slandering. You are giving yourself a bad impression and your husband as well by your self centered behaviour. You complain about silly things such as having to get your own baggage from the caresel, because someone refused to help you while he clearly was on his lunch break.

Because they refused to give you a patio set on sale when the sale was over. If your husband thinks this behaviour is acceptable than he is just much of a hothead as you are. Also funny how I never see your husband post to defend here.

That is right because blow up dolls and vibrators cannot type. No wonder.


No one is slandering the business. Also I bet in your state, even city alone there are hundreds of people named Lea.

Do you think you have ownership rights to that name because your husband works at Walmart Home Office as a janitor. Do you think you can sue the parents of the younger people named Lea for copying your name.

No, Lea is just your first name, and there are millions of people all over the world with that name. If someone else has the same first name as you you cannot stop them from using their real name because you think you are special because your blow up doll husband is a blow up doll janitor, and as long as these people know that it bothers you they will continue to use your name.


Lea - You have to prove DAMAGES in a libel case. There are no DAMAGES here (and no - courts don't pay for hurt feelings).

I am not convinced that the Germany/Chicago/Toronto Leas are all fake. Even for me, my location usually falls somewhere between Pennsylania, Ohio, Maryland, and West Virginia.

Besides, Some of their complaints sound more believable than the Springdale Lea's complaints, including Wal-Mart not clearing the parking lot after a southern April snowstorm and you yelling at a Target cashier because she was the only one on duty.




As well as disrupting these boards with false posts.


Somebody is using my reall first name and making false posts. Not to mention they are slandering businesses and other people.


Since you are not using your real name, it is not slander or libel. Go to the administrator all you want they won't do a thing. Just leave the site, if you have a problem with this.


You know stealing my username and making false posts about me and my husband could be considered libel/slander. I am going to talk to the administrators of this site about getting these fake posts taken down and implementing a policy against imposters.


"Not only was Wal-Mart right in towing your car, the towing garage would be doing humanity a service if they crushed it into a small cube."

That being with her and her blow up doll Janitor Walmart Husband in it at the time.


Actually you should direct your anger at the tow company because they are the ones who patrol the lots of shopping centers, they are the ones who towed your car and they are the ones imposing all your fees for your quick and costly trip into a store. Chances are it was another customer who reported you for illegally parking in a Handicapped space with no PERMIT to display so you took a chance and got BURNED!

Sorry...I hope you don't raise your baby to have the same sense of entitlement you carry because in real world USA it doesn't work like that! :cry


It's not my fault entirely. First - the store should offer "Expecting Mother" parking spots - but they don't.

If they would have had a spot for expecting moms, I wouldn't have needed to park in the handicapped spot.

Second, a warning is more customer friendly than having your car towed and getting a hefty fine.

But instead, the store decided to tow the car of a loyal customer who parked in the handicapped spot for the very first time because the store failed to offer reasonable parking for pregnant customers. As far as I am concerned, the manager of this store has a huge ego and won't budge a bit to make this store more customer friendly.


Hey, *** stop taking our spots. Being pregnant isn't a disability.

When you need a wheelchair, a cane/walker, or an oxygen tank, THEN you can park in the handicap spots. Until then, walk your lazy *** a few extra feet. It's good for you. And yes, I do know what it's like to be pregnant.

I walked every day during both of my pregnancies, and it made my labor easier.

You just think the world has to cater to you. Grow up.