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This was in Springdale, AR. The location shows Germany because I use T-Mobile (who is based in Germany) as my ISP.

Original review posted by user Jun 20, 2012

The Walmart on 2004 Pleasant Blvd. does not offer dedicated parking for expecting mothers.

Because the parking lot was very full and I did not want to walk a long way with my "little one", I parked in the handicapped spot. I know this was a mistake, but what Wal-Mart did was even worse. I was only in the store 15 minutes (5 minutes getting milk and shampoo, 10 minutes checking out). When I came out, my car was gone.

I freaked out. I went the the customer service desk and some snooty manager came over and said they contract a private company to patrol the parking lot and that MY car was probably towed. MY CAR! He could have given me a warning but no - Wal-Mart decided to TOW A PAYING CUSTOMER!

In addition to having my car towed, I now had to pay a Taxi to pick up my car, and now I am stuck with a $50 towing charge, $25 storage fee, and a $200 fine.

I went back to this location to see if Wal-Mart would help me with the fine. They again OUTRIGHT REFUSED.

My husband works at Wal-Mart's Home Office and he knows that Wal-Mart shouldn't treat customers like this. I told him about this and I know the manager of this store can't be proud of the company towing paying customers from the store's lot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pick Up Service.

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Not only was Wal-Mart right in towing your car, the towing garage would be doing humanity a service if they crushed it into a small cube.


Buck Naked - You probably work for Wal-Mart. How would you feel if you walked out of the store and your wages for the month were spent on fines and towing?

pinkelephant - You have no idea what it's like to be pregnant so shut your mouth.

As for you Jedi and StupidCustomers - do you have to stalk every post I make on this site! OMG!


I always park in expectant mothers spots and also mothers with children spots. Walk you lazy cow. I'm glad they towed your car away.


Well Mrslea you are handicapped. However these spots are only for those who are physically handicapped not mentally hanicapped.


Really? You seem to be blaming Walmart for a lot of things that are your fault.

Pregnant does not mean handicapped. Furthermore, you should have known better than to think that they would have been cool with you just chillin in the handicapped parking space just because you're pregnant. Because you selfishly parked in the handicapped parking space, you took away a parking space for someone who really needed it. As a matter of fact, I know mothers who were told by their doctors that walking during pregnancy is a good thing.

It wasn't that you didn't want to carry your "little one" far, it was that you didn't want to have to walk that far.

After reading all your *** posts blaming Walmart for your stupidity/laziness, I'm beginning to think you're just a troll with nothing better to do with your time than whine.


so I guess MsLea aka expecting100cheeseburgers think she owns the parking lot too. I'm not surprsied.