Clarksburg, West Virginia

Walmart towed my car when i parked on the yellow bump thingy by the front doors! So i chewed them up because i had one kid and i was expecting one and hand one in my hand.!

I got really mad and my husband who worked at walmart helped me defend myself! I had to pay a 200$ fine....50$ towing fee...and a 25$ towing fee! I only went in to get my baby's formula which is wic...and the casheir accused me of fraud! She said that because i didn't sign the same way like on the check!

I know i did the wrong thing because i'm a brat! I shouldn't have done that!! But i was pregant!

so i parked my car their! Im a little drama queen !

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It was your fault a m o r o n knows that the yellow line means no parking. Also I am tired of working and paying high taxes you you can live on welfare instead of getting of you lazy fat *** and geting a job.


looks like MsLea was visiting West Virginia.


I agree, grow up and park like EVERYONE else does.


I agree, grow up and park like EVERYONE else does.


TROLL!! WHY DON'T you get a f=u=c=k=i=n=g JOB!!!

Im glad they towed you!

Too bad that s-t-u-p-i-d kid was NOT in your p.o.s. car!


Next time try parking where you should like in the sporting goods department or somewhere else inside the store.


The sad thing is there are complaints that are worse than what's above on this site.


I hope that you learn your lesson. :grin :grin :grin :grin


but...that sounds like your fault? what if there had been a fire and your car was parked in the way?

yeah it sucks that they towed your car and that you had to pay that much money to get it back, but even people who are MEDICALLY physically handicapped don't get to park on the yellow curb. pregnancy isn't really an excuse for anything these days, so own up and stop blaming others.