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Here is their response to my question as to what happened to the REMIND ME LIST, which is the key to reordering from their website. Without it, you have to spent too much time going through their vast list of products. If this is really true, then it is an indication of how out of tough they are to customer aids in making on line ordering easy and fast.

"We apologize for this matter. We are working in our website. The remind me list option is not available any more in our site. We are unable to indicate you when this option will be available again or if it will be removed permanently from our site."

I guess they are screwed up as usual or ARE GOING OUT OF THE ONLINE ORDERING BUSINESS. I have been buying about $500 each month from them via their on line system, and will really be upset if they don't correct this situation. However, I am in hope that their rep, who posted the above message, does, 'as usual', not really know what is going on.

PS Your requirement for a minimum of 100 words is really *** and takes me back to the 4th grade!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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You're lucky... at least you got a reply to your response.

I have twice sent messages complaining about the disappearance of my Remind Me list, and have not received so much as a courtesy reply. I still get my list emailed to me every month, and I can go and look at it following the link in the email, but I don't dare delete any items from it, because there's no way to add items back.

I guess as long as I still get the list in my email, I will continue to send them my complaints asking for the list to be reinstated, and I encourage everyone else to do the same. If enough people complain about it, maybe they'll actually listen to us and bring it back.


Remind me list disappeared or the link is gone. I found my Remind me list by Googleing "Walmart Remind Me List" and there it was. And yes Walmart's website is about the worst there is


Thank you! I copied the URL and got right there, you really helped me. Thanks again


thank you so much! it works!


You can google remind me list and it will give you a link that still works. I figured this out by accident.

I was mad too.

This was the only feature on the site that I really liked. The site blows.


I had the same issue. I was provided a link by customer service



I was able to access my Remind Me List today (08/02/14), not directly but by doing the following. Click on "My Account", and a screen opens up that shows Orders in Last 90 Days.

Under the items listed, there is either an "Add to Remind Me List" link or if the particular item is already on my Remind Me List, the link reads "Remind Me List". Clicking on either of these links takes me to my Remind Me List.


order from wallyworld all the time. the lists do not help me and the constant reminder emails get rid of them completely.

I find if I like a product and purchase it more then two times the next time they no longer have the item. I also find I put something in my cart and then an email telling me it is not available why not when I am in the screen tell me you suddently sold out. then another email saying it is in stock. they often ship the wrong items SAME BRAND but often a different version.

I want shampoo for dry hair I will get the one for oily hair!! the pickers need to do a better job picking.

I order great value paper plates and get dixie (which cost walmar more money) that is an ok substitution but not the oily for dry ect.


If you type the way you speak the problem is not with the store giving you the wrong shampoo or not having what you asked for in stock, the problem is with you.