Trenton, New Jersey
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In a very long time I was able to come into the check out lane without having to wait. The check out woman waved me forward . I started putting my purchases on the conveyer. I had quite a few things. I wasn't finished putting up my items when the Check out woman literally yelled at me "come on I need you take the bags, I'm out of room". At this time the next customer was behind me. There was no need for the cashier to hurry. I finished putting my purchases up, turned to start picking up my bags and I was given the nastiest look ever! After my bags were in the cart, she said "give me your coupons in your hand". I did not buy everything I had a coupon for and I needed to go through them. Another look to kill! I then handed her my coupons upon which she threw one back at me "this is out of date". I was starting to put my debit card in the machine - I wanted cash back & pressed the wrong key. At this time [she says "***" under her breath] I told her that I heard that and did not appreciate it. She was most angry and would not look at me.

I turned to leave when I really felt abused and angry so I turned around and headed for customer service. The manager listened to me and said "one of our associates?" Then she said "oh, she must have problems at home......". She caught herself and then assured me that she would handle it immediately. There was no apology. I left just as frustrated as I was before speaking to the manager. I spent $140.03 in the store, $30.47 for gas, and $30.16 for cigarettes. Total $200.66. I am 70 years old, that is a lot of money for me.

terminal # MX801622 07'16/17 14:05:19 REF # 519700865741

Robert E Druschke

10000 Meridian Way N #8

Palm Beach gardens, Fl 33410

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Coupon.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why? Why?!

WHY do people put their addresses on this site? This is a general complaint site. This is where people vent about a bad experience they have had with a business. This isn't the BBB website.

No one on here can do anything about it.

Even on the BBB website you don't publicly display your personal information for all to see. You do give the BBB your personal information for reference--if they or the business needs to contact you--but the BBB doesn't display it.

People in Florida don't know anything.